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SOLVED Tip on how to affix a Bigger heatsink to your Video card (re-post)

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Many people affix small socket 7 CPU coolers to thier Video cards, Many of these knuckleheads recommend using two drops of superglue http://www.ocshoot.com/coolchip.htm on the corners and arctic silver paste to finish it off.

Here is my idea that I actually use and its a much better solution.

Simply omit the superglue on the two corners and replace that with Arctic Silver adhesive on FOUR corners and use regular Arctic silver thermal paste on the rest of the chip.....Removal is a snap should you ever want to remove the heatsink.
( If you are the kind of person that removes heatsinks like you change underwear you can blent a 1/3 mix of Arctic Silver to the Arctic Silver Adhesive to make removal even Easier)
oh boy, i don't have to blend the two. I only change underwear once every 10 days or so. Cuts down on the laundry ;D

But like I said earlier, this is a good tip. And if you have pure adhesive on your hsf, put the card in the freezer for an hour take it out and twist to break the bonds. The cool temperature makes the bonds more brittle. Do not try to take it off using a screwdrive, you can rip the chip off(i've done this to a northbridge, oops).
i couldnt figure out how to attach a 50mm hs to my old tnt2 m64, so i grabbed a tube full of silastic and put four dobs on each corner and out it on top of chip with thermal paste. the silastic is direct onto actual board.(all in the name of oc'ing) i covered a few resisters and **** in doing so but i just let it cure for 16 hours (with a bit of weight on it) to make sure it was dry and now it's stuck secure.
Crap thing was after doing all this i found bumping core up achieved basically nothing.. Doh, time waster, the memory on the other hand :)
ive used the super glue method and have had no problems with it and ive also used JB weld and had satisfactory results. I looked in the mirror an hour ago no knuckels on my noggin :) no honestly ive heard of this for quite a while and it seems to be a pretty good way to do it, most of us dont have enough patients to wait for mail order AS 2 or AS glue but that was a dang good idea about using both if i had both i'm sure i would use that instead of super glue.
Yea, ill second that. Besides, AS2 NON EPOXY has a better heat transfer. I don't see anything wrong with a few drops of Super Glue gel on the outer edges, with thermal paste in the center.
Besides, Im not gonna blow ANOTHER 10 bucks and wait for it to show up here when im get impatient and do a project! hehe