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Tips on Monitor Health

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
I often use a power down after 1 min...but since that interferes w/ Kazaa i generally turn off the power saver and just hit the power button..My GF for years has been saying that is bad..is she right?
Any other tips for monitor health and longevity(thank heavens for warrenties..My old 17" had to go back 2 times in 3 years). I would like prevent returns w/ this new monitor!

I got a new(actually refurbished Monitor) from Future shop. A NEC Multisync 97f 19" (flat screen).
the price was right-235$can


Apr 21, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
She's right, do not turn it off so often (or any electronic device for that matter). The first issue is power efficiency, every time you first start an electronic device, the power needed to overcome the initial resistence (for that split second) is as much as it takes to run that device for several minutes. Ever watch the lights dim for a moment as an air condition, refrigerator, or other large appliance first starts?

Other issue, on a more theoretical level, is the expansion and contraction of the electronic conponents. Components generate heat, but eventually reach a thermal threshold and stop there (only get so hot). It's better on the material used in the component to stay at one temperature then to constantly get heated/cooled through activity (heating) and rest (cooling). Ever bend a coat hanger until it breaks? That's what happens to any metallic material over time, either through physical repeated movements or through repeated changes in temperature.

So, leave the monitor on for a while, it saves power and the internal components from the agony of constant expansion/contraction. I leave the screen display on for 20 minutes, then have the monitor go into shutdown after 25 minutes.


Sep 27, 2002
Ocala, Florida
Ditto on letting the monitor sleep. I have an Hitchi CM 751 19"
thats been working great for 5 years, but lately it seems like
it's been getting less bright. So I figured I'd pop the cover
and turn up the brightness on the flyback a bit. I was blown
away with the amount of dirt and junk that was inside. I cleaned
it out real good with canned air never touched the adjustment
and now it looks like the day I got it. Just a tip for somthing thats
easy to over look.


May 18, 2003
So is it bad to turn your monitor off every night? Or about 2 times during the day and once at night? Is that too much?

And is it bad for your computer to turn it off at night and maybe once or twice during the day?