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TJ rips into a New APU - 5800k on ga f2a85x-up4

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OK, I downloaded it and RTFM, but once I enter "yes" and select "6. Other (Generic)" from the motherboard list, it tells me it must restart, and then says "AGESA Success ;)" and closes. Yeah it's not working exactly.
yeah after it does that restart the app and it should work. you really dont need to select the right board just to read the basic chip info. It really only matters for when you start playing around with the VRM's which unless your comfortable and know what your doing shouldn't really be played with.

Think of option one like cpuz on steroids. The app will crash from time to time when going through different options and stuff but just restart it and try again, and it usually works. There are some things that just dont work at all but the main stuff should work.

edit: the page you want will look similar to this.
Whoops just got your post. I'll try it. Wait, I have an ASRock, do I select the ASUS or MSI or what? I'm nervous about the stern warning.

And yeah, I have the "GFX/NB" voltage (called "GFX voltage" on the main "OC tweaker" screen) set at 1.425 right now. All my games are happier with 1.44-1.45, but it makes people on the forum sad :( so I don't do it anymore.
meh if your temps are low enough run it till it dies, If the trinitys behave like the llanos did they'll take the voltage and ask for more and then some. I seriously Ran out of voltage to give on my llano chips. I couldn't push anymore out of the board at 2.3volts. One of those chips is sitting in someones machine right now chug chugging along no worse for wear.
Yeah man I hear you. If you add 20C like some people are saying then I hit 65C (45C displayed on OHM/CPUID/whatever) before things start to get silly. I won't rule out that the temp sensor is way the hell off on these chips, but that's all I have to go on, and I can play Skyrim for endless hours logging a near-constant 45C. I've had readings up to 50C (very warm room), in case anyone thinks the sensor maxes out and just doesn't read higher than 45. Does anyone really know what kind of correction to apply here to get an "actual" core temp?

Based on the tests of this HSF at FrostyTech, I'm gonna say the temps it's reading are accurate, or damn close. Stock clocks the chip is 100W TDP, and under load is right in line with their measurements. Overclocking to 2400 RAM/1100 GPU with the necessary voltage increases that to maybe 130W, at the most, and there's a corresponding rise in temperature. I've little reason to doubt this chip is running as cool as it says. I guess people are just afraid of voltage. Can't blame them.

BTW edited my previous post, any advice on what MB I should select here?
Your not turning off TDP limiting anyways, so your not going outside the thermal threshold. Thats one of the real party pieces of these chips aswell. They thermal throttle like kings if your pushing outside what you have it set for it will throttle you back. You can turn this off or even change the value but honestly for air its pretty much right where you want to be otherwise the temperature is what will make it crash not the voltage.

The more and more I play with the new APU's it makes me think i am on the right track for knowledge and experience. Cause once they really start getting their act together and catch up and become competative again in the chip market these things are gonna be a serious force to be reckoned with.
Running at or above 4.4GHz Turbo Core in Cinebench causes the weaker cores to clock down at around 37C. Running 4.3GHz Turbo actually gives a faster benchmark because the chip doesn't throttle really at all. I'm all about using the "green" features to save me some degrees and maximize the clocks for me. All but maybe one of my crashes so far has been from a lack of voltage. The exception was the 50C reading that crashed Skyrim (I think). Every other time, lower voltage = less play time (2-10 mins if less than 1.42 vNB), 1.44-1.45V gives me total stability for hours playing demanding games (except for the one temp-related crash, or at least I think it was temp-related).

Once programmers get on board with OpenCL, Intel will need to answer with something better than "HD Graphics 400000000" or face packaging a crappy low-shader-core NVidia GPU with all their Ultrabooks. Now we see why AMD bought ATI: Hundreds and hundreds of shader cores doing parallel data processing, integrated on the CPU die, using small amounts of power compared to a discrete GPU... It's too bad the software isn't there yet, because AMD is already ready for it. Gee, kinda like x64 technology. Remember Itanium? Yeah, no one else does either.
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MMM I love itaniums, infact they are making a come back, The next xeon socket will accept itaniums aswell, the 7500 series xeons currently are the first step towards the xeon/itanium chips. Though admittedly Itaniums are amazing on paper and in practice for extreme parallel computing. Which is really just starting to take hold with people taking advantage of multicore cpu's. (its just that the original cpu's did 3 threads a cpu cycles per core pretty much).

I had a chance to visit a render farm that had itaniums in it(the early ones), the performance was spectacular, but much more expensive than a standard x86 setup.
Yeah I'm deleting my post and going to bed. I'm going to get down to the bottom of this Trinity thing over the weekend and post a crapload of graphs and stuff. It'll be cool.
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Alright! TCIK2 just decided to start working out of the blue. Here's what I got:


Looks pretty similar to yours, except you're undervolted / underclocked all over the place. Is your APU a little worse for wear? Rode hard and put away wet?
mines not overclocked at all in that image. Looks like our imc's are roughly the same strenght, mines probably just a tiny bit better since it looks like its a lower voltage core by 0.025v
Quick update. I fired up my Up4 + 5800k a minute ago, after stripping it down from the cold runs the otherday. It wasn;t a moisture problem. I just flat out killed the board. I'll Pull the scope and DMM out later and test the power phases. I have a feeling that i might of killed the NB power phase or possibly fried the FCH while pushing some crazy volts on ln2. Not a big deal I've got another UP4.

Gonna test that board out aswell as bin the new 5800k before I have to leave for work again.
There are a ton of fm2 contests running at hwbot. I wonder if amd is really pushing these or are motherboard makers?
i think its a combination, one trying to get people more fired up on apu's in general. Two they are cheap on the wallet and really do have quite a bit of performance. AMD is definitely putting their money on the APU's it shows in how quickly they jumped their APU road map. There was alot of llano contests to when they came out. Its pretty cheap to advertise them compared to something like 3960x's or something where the board investment itself is serveral hundred dollars. Pickup a fm2 board its gonna cost you anywhere from 80-120$ vs something like a RIVE 300-500$, not to mention 300-1000$ for a cpu on a setup like that. Fm2 is like 50-120$ for a cpu.

btw CPU bin results in Looks like my first chip is still the winner. @ UH leakage 1.35v. Both of the other chips are lower leakage High @ 1.365v , and Medium @ 1.375v. Dunno when the 4th chip will be here Hopefully in the next week or so. Will bin them more in depth later. the UH leakage chip will do 1600ish IGP. Will be interesting to see what I can get out of the other two IGP wise. Mostly likely they are getting sold though, and I will pickup another 2-5 more chips. Yes I know I have a addiction, nothing new there.

Hoping to get some serious benching done this weekend, I was planning on benching some today but I never got a chance to Conformal the boards yesterday :( . On an interesting side not of APU's in general I have been saying that the combination of price and the nice offering of SATA ports on the boards make the a great option for a server. Well I put my money where my mouth is and Threw together a Llano 3870k windows 2012 server for Remote access. Its in the process of stress testing my config right now but its ticking away nicely. Not to mention Had a client show up here shortly after Bobnova left this morning To pickup some parts. He saw the 5800k's Ex6 sitting on the bench running some benchmarks and decided to order several to replace the workstations at his office. He was that impressed by it when i let him sit down and play with it. Which really speaks wonders for these systems, and AMD's target market.
very much so, thank you, It would explain the temperature behavior that i've seen from these chips, not surprising at all tbh.

tempting to delid one of the 4 I have :D
Single cut motion, using a gillette razor is your best bet. Wear some anti static wrap and bingo...Liquid Pro paste, a tiny drop and spread it with a cotton swab.

EDIT: What's that TIK2 program thing?? o_O
its a application that stilt wrote specifically for the trinity chips, to control voltage, multi's, power states, and ocp and dynamic power controls.