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Tn G-sync or ips free sync Need opinions

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Nov 10, 2016
Okay so I have had this Asus mg279q non gsync ips panel for about a month and I'm seeing a 27" Dell TN panel 1440p 144hz gsync monitor now at Frys for 579$ I paid 489$ for my current Asus ips panel non gsync. I'm trying to get an opinion on ips panel vs tn panel. After not even a month of having this monitor there are dead pixels this morning when I turned it on so I'm taking it back. I had the mg278q first and I did notice a difference but it wasn't huge. So is it worth spending the extra 80 dollars to have g-sync and give up the ips panel for a tn panel or stick with the ips for a little cheaper and no g-sync. At 144hz I really notice screan tearing anyway but I have never gotten the chance to use a g-sync display either so I'm not sure which one to go with so if anybody could recommend something I'm exchanging this out tomorrow morning.
I think it entirely depends on you, the IPS panel will offer you better color reproduction and better viewing angles, but a TN will give higher (faster) refresh/response rates than IPS.
If you want help with these problems eliminating screen tearing, minimizing stutter, achieving low input latency, and improving refresh rates and image quality, then purchase G-sync. I would not go for a TN panel viewing angels color reproduction viewing angels.
Well considering the fact I sit at my desk head on face to face with my 27" monitor I don't think I will be affected by viewing angles. I had a tn panel for a couple weeks before and don't recall much of a difference. Ya the color is better for sure and 1ms opposed to 5ms I can't see a difference either. And to be honest I don't feel like I experience screen tearing or input latency at all. I At 144hz with gtx 1080 that I'm getting well over 100 fps in every game I have it's already a very smooth experience I've just never tried G-sync so I don't know what the difference is. I guess if I don't like it I can always exchange for something else. That is why they have the best 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee I've ever seen.
I don't have G-Sync and I'm doing sweet with 100-144 FPS, I don't have any of the problems that G-sync will correct. So when you purchase the G-Sync monitor tell us if you can see a difference?
LOL Will do. Looks like they are already down to the display model only so if I get it I'll get 5 % percent off too so roughly 552$ I have heard very good things about the Dell s2716dgr it sells at best buy for 699$ I have found that when it comes specifically to monitors, Frys has very very good prices.
Yes. It's in Wilsonville, I'm in NE Portland so I won't have chance to get there til probably Sunday but yes that is the plan.
I was using a ASUS VE248Q Black 24" which was pretty darn nice for about 5-6 years. I just got the AOC G-Sync in my sig and love it. I've been playing DOOM, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and SWTOR on the old Asus and now this one and I can tell the difference big time. While at the top of a building/tower or whatever in ACS for the Syncronization thing I can now scan the entire city with a very smooth 360 degree turn and previous with my Asus monitor I don't know really how to explain it but it wasn't smooth. It didn't tear or anything just didn't feel/look like a smooth flow doing the same movement. Whether that is the 144hz and or the G-Sync or the combo of both I can not say, but thus far in the 3 games I've so far played on it I can tell a huge difference and love it. This is all with all settings set to ultra. Also I did turn off Gsync once in ACS and I could tell the difference during play and similar 360 degree scenes.

I would definitely recommend the G-Sync's I really think games look amazing and much more smooth flowing with them. Even SWTOR which is an old game and such just looks better.

Also as far as TN vs IPS while I can tell the color difference between the 2 monitors I currently use the AOC TN just looks so much better. I don't think you would really know the difference short of having a G-Sync TN monitor next to a IPS G-Sync Monitor and then their is also a massive price difference which I don't think would be worth the difference.
Hey bud, I'm pretty new here, but Ive done alot of research this past week and I still cant decide on a monitor. First of all, Gsync has nothin to do with IPS. Gysync has to do with AMD's Freesync. Depending on which graphic card you are using, it would benefit you to get a gsync monitor if yuouhave a Nvidia card and get a Freesync monitor if you have an AMD card. IPS and TN is a feature on the monitor. Id say IPS is pretty new, but thats me. Im using a 32 inch smart tv connectted to my computer, which is not even making use of my GTX 1080 graphics card. But these monitors can get pricey. 1080p TV's like my smart TV is 60hz. When looking for a gaming monitor, I would suggest you get a 24" either Gsync or Freesync depending on what GPU thats on your setup. Make sure the monitor is 144hz, so you will be allowed to use more than 59-60 fps lol. And also, make sure you get a monitor that has a response time of "1ms", thats the fastest. 4k monitors used to couldnt get past 60hz but the 4k monitor allowed you to see more of the screen and more detail, so there were up and downs. Most people I know, stick with 1080p and 24" so they dont have to move their head left and right when theyre gaming. Trust me, I notice it with my 32" smart TV. I suggest you start there, at 24" 144hz, and 1ms. After, if you want, you can get another monitor, Asus has a few monitors that go up to 165hz, which can be overclocked to 180hz.

And I just found last night, a monitor 1440/2k monitor thats 240!!! hertz. Made by BenQ. And thats when I learned about the TN and IPS. The response time isnt that imp[ortant, id say the hz and screen size is first, then go with a higher response rate monitor. the "ms" stands for microseconds so yeah, it makes a difference but you wont notice it. Espoecially if you plan on getting a 1440/2k monitor which is what im looking for, than i would increase screen size to 27", cause you'll be seeing alot more. And when you get to 4k or if you plan on it, no point in getting 4k unless its at least 30-32". You can find some pics of the same thing but one one a 1080 screen and 1 on a 4k, and your basically seeing 300% more on the 4k.

And wen I first built my 6700k gaming rig last July, my boy explained the monitor specs to me and how they work. And also another buddy said the same to me as well that there pros and cons to going 4k and 1080p. 4k is clearer and more detailed, 1080 is faster. But I did say to them, just wait, the computer business comes out with new stuff every other month, and before i knew it, They finally have a 144hz 4k monitor thats 1ms. 4k monitors are usalklly 4-5ms. Heres the amazon link to that BenQ monitor. https://www.amazon.com/BenQ-eQualiz...id=1489065595&sr=8-1&keywords=benq+240hz&th=1 and that when I was shocked that the 240hz was cheaper than the others. If you click on QHD which is 1440p/2k, the price goes up, and they just came out with that Dyac feature. It's supposed to make everything clearer.

Good luck bud. Im honestly, just about to buy trhe 24" Benq 144hz 1ms 1080 monitor for 199, or the acer which is the same but it has AMD freesynce, and i want gsync.

Or go for this Asus 24" 144hz 1ms monitor. I know over 10 of my friends who bought that monitor, it used to be $300, now its 260, so honestly, just my opinion. I would just go with the BenQ, Asus, or Acer. The Asus monitor that i piosted was one of the most popular gaming monitors, and I assure you, you will be happy with that for at least 6 months. Im not gonna waste $700-1000 on a monitor, unless you game 6-8 hours a day, lol, the 1080, 144hz, 1ms will be FAST. You absolutely will notice the difference going from 60hz and probably 5+ms which is what im sure all 1080p tvs are.

1 last thing, if you get a new monitor, you also have to conect the monitor with a DVI to DVI cable. I have to smart TVs connected to my computer, 1 is hdmi to hdmi and the other is DVI to hdmi, but only DVI-to-DVI cable will allow you to game past 60hz, just wanted to let you know so yo dont think you wasted your money lol. Im assuming you have an Nvidia gpu, and i was looking at monitors for about 2 hours last night and the only 24" 1080 that I found with gsync was the acer predeter for $400 bucks, so even though it has Gsync, I doubt the difference will be much unless you have an SLI setup which will be obsolete very soon, thats why the 1080ti is coming out. More than half the games that are iout now for PC doont even let you use SLI, so theyre just basically making us upgrade if we want better graphics, but I dont know anyone who wasnt h appy when they switched to a 144hz 1ms 24" monitor bud, and theyre not even thinking baout upgrading because, like i said, 4k and 1080 p both have ups and downs.

And I'm not possitive, but i did check to see if my single Asus Strix gtx 1080 woulod support me gaming on max settings on a 1440p/2k 27" monitor and the guy told me ill have no problem playin on it, but i wont be able to play on max/ultra/epic settings.

Hope this short novel i just wrote helped you out lol. Just didnt want you to waste your money, but im actuallythinking about going to microcenter and trying out a couplemonitors then return them within a few days. Just have to make sur ewhat theyre poilicy is on the monitors. Heard of Fryes, they have really good prices sometimes on certain things just like microcenter lol, its just wayyyy to far for me, it already takes me 45 minutes to get to microcenter in patterson.
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I just saw wolverine's signature and he has a 24" Gsync 144hz, 1ms monitor. its $300 which is the average price for that monitor. The Asus one I mentioned came out about 3-4 years ago, in 2013 and it just dropped down to 260 a few months ago. And Last week, when I went to best buy, they had this Dell Monitor which is 27" 144hz and has Gsync, and it usually costs aabout $600+. It was only $480 and only at best buy. I went back 3-4 days later on the weekend and price went back to 600+ lol, so just keep an eye out and watch out for yopur CPU because back then, it would be the GPU that couuldnt handle the graphics, but now, its the CPU that cant handle it, the GPUs out nowadays are way ahead of the CPUs now. so if you do try the 240mh monitor, id suggest you slowly go up, and when the screen starts flshing and blackingn out, etc, that means, your gotta stop, lol. I believe quad cores are not gonna be enough for gaming anymore shortly.
Nvidia works just fine with FreeSync. I suggest going FreeSync so that it doesn't lock you down to only choosing Nvidia in the future. G-Sync works but is not a well designed technology and could easily be dropped in the future. FreeSync is also open and free to manufactures thus allowing them to not have to choose sides when building monitors.
Nvidia works just fine with FreeSync. I suggest going FreeSync so that it doesn't lock you down to only choosing Nvidia in the future. G-Sync works but is not a well designed technology and could easily be dropped in the future. FreeSync is also open and free to manufactures thus allowing them to not have to choose sides when building monitors.
As far as I know nVidia has not implemented support for Freesync in their GPUs

Nvidia works just fine with FreeSync. I suggest going FreeSync so that it doesn't lock you down to only choosing Nvidia in the future. G-Sync works but is not a well designed technology and could easily be dropped in the future. FreeSync is also open and free to manufactures thus allowing them to not have to choose sides when building monitors.

Nvidia GPUs do not support FreeSync. A FreeSync monitor plugged into an Nvidia GPU will just act like any standard monitor.

IPS panels look much, much nicer than TN panels.