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TNT2 Pro & blury screen

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The Coolest

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Jul 29, 2001
I used to have ATI RAGE FURY MAXX in this comp and all was great, but then I installed Win2k and MAXX isn't supported so I replaced it with the TNT2 Pro card I had in my second comp. now at res. of 800x600 or 640x480, the screen looks pretty much ok (on desktop or in other windows). when I set the res to 1024x768 @ 100Hz (I have LG FLATRON 795PLUS) same as I had w/ the MAXX the screen gets a little blury and it hurts my eyes, although the refresh is 100 it still feels like 75 or something, What can I do? I tried adjusting the settings on the monitor it didn't help a bit. Any suggestions?

*EDIT*: I have a dual boot w/ WinME and there is the same problems, so I don't think its the problem of Win2k.
Plus in the taskbar all the icons look really bad
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Here's the pic of the task bar the first icon from the left really shouldn't be the way it is, it should resemble a little mouse w/ large eyes and look much, much sharper
try turning the refresh rate back down to 60-75Hz because the TNT2 is OLD.....also they arent known for their image quality so i dunno is you will get good quality out ofit..
hmmm... dunno just downed the Hzs and no change, I really dunno what to do? Damn card, I wish I had another MAXX... (LOL, can't believe I'm sayin' it)
what drivers are you using? MY TNT2 card was actually a very nice card and the latest Dets. from nvidia always helped out too
I'm using the 28.32 from yesterday, it says that they fix the 60hz bug in Win2k/XP but it didn't and the screen stayed the same
Is your monitor plugged into a power strip with alot of other stuff on it?

My freind had a problem with image quality and it was becasue he had too many accessories on his power strips, moved to a lees occupied strip and it was fine.
Yea, its pretty full there, but I don't have any more sockets close enough. and b4 I installed the TNT2 it was 100% fine