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TNT2 ULTRA TV-OUT!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!

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New Member
Apr 13, 2001
I have never been able to get my tv-out to work properly. i have all the right cables, i have tried all the tricks with the tv already on and plugged in when your computer boots, i have tried the creative drivers(it is a creative 3d blaster) and i have tried the nvidia reference drivers, i have tried regediting the nvidia drivers, and NOTHING WORKS!!! when i try it is either blanked out or it cannot detect a television connected. why wont this work???? i dont think it is broke as to the fact many people have this very same problem. why must these cards require a tv connected and sending a signal to enable the tv-out, JUST ENABLE IT and dont worry if anything is plugged in!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH
Umm try

then if its twin view you will have a tab of it there if it is not there should be a setting to boot to tv or monitor

hope this helps you
If I remember correctly , make sure your monitor refresh-rate is set @ 60 hz for the TV connection .
i ahve tried the reference nvidia drivers, i have tried the creative drivers, i have tried all the tricks with monitor refresh rates and resolutions, i have tried restarting with tv on and plugged into computer. it alwasy just says it cannot find a single coming in from the television
why it needs a signal i have no f*ing clue, but i have gotten it to work kindof once a while ago with a lot of messing around
What motherboard are you using? I remember something on the GeForce FAQ about some motherboards not being able to supply enough power to the AGP port to support dual displays. I know your card is not a GeForce and I would initially guess that power draw would be a problem on TNT2 based cards, but it's a possibility. If you have VIO adjustment, try upping your VIO from 3.3 or whatever it is to 3.4 or 3.5. That might do the trick.