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SOLVED To air or not air that is the question

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I keep changing my mind water air water air, arghhh I can see benifits for both and some destinct disadvantages,
+'s for Air, cheaper (2 x CAK38's) simpler setup, no water leaks, less weight....
-'s for Air 2 x Delta's + case fans = deaf 2 x caks heating the air in the case.
+'s for water quieter and less heat in case (external cooling)
-'s for water cost (all up dearer than air) water leaks, extra external bulk.

Now I dont want to run peltiers (mainly due to extra running costs) if I was to use a cooler and a substantial resoviour (20 litres or so) would this keep 2 P3-700/750 's overclocked cool?

Please post your thoughts and pros and cons.
20 litres is plenty for a reservoir, and should be fine for your purposes...

i've switched from water-cooling back to good aircooling, cos my case wasn't big enough to fully house the watercooling. for me, that's the biggest thing... i want my case to be portable.. and so any watercooling rig would have to be fully inside my case.. think about whether that's an issue for you or not...

if not, then watercooling is really easy to do and not that expensive...
well see... watercooling prices are coming down somwhat. for 2 of thoughs coolers it would be about $60 +tax or shiping (ether way you have to pay tax or shiping)... most watercooling rigs can fit in a mid-size tower, the radiator (depending on the size) can go in the front lower, back mid, and if you put together the system right you wont have to woory about leaks. if that is a real concern then get some of thoughs clamp things to go arownd the hose. I defenently think you should go with watercooling, i think it is good that you arnt going peltiers, nowadays you got to get the 150+ watt peltiers and it is a waist for energy since you have to buy another PSU. So go with WATER!!!
I figure if I am going to go water, external cooling would be the most heat efficient (not having the heat exchanging happening in the case)

the question that is most in my mind is would water without a real elaborate water cooling system be adequate to cool 2 waterblock to below the temp of air cooling?