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To all EVE-Online players!

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Oct 18, 2002
Hi mates!
I was bored for some time and decided to buy and try EVE-Online =) It's cheap nowdays + that I heard a lot of positive things about it =)

First one Q...
Is this game populated? I really hope it is, because if it isn't I'll probably reconsider buying it...

So do you have any tips for a newbie?
What server to chose? (I live in Sweden if it matters)
Any kind profession that I should look early?
What system to log on / go to, in order to see most people?
How long does it take to "learn" basics?
Anything else? Feel free to share it with me =)

Thank you for your time!


High Speed Premium Senior
Aug 5, 2002
Well finally someone else that knows what this game is lol.

Well first off. Game has one world, 1 server, with min population around 3,00k 0 during night time here in USA, and a max peak of around 9k during the day time US (afternoon/night UK).

As for anything to try out, try everything from manufacturing to mining to pirating to agent running. There is a large amount of options in the game and you arn't limited to anything but time.

There is no way to power level all skills takes time to learn and you can learn anything. Just something to say is that when you create your character try to even out your stats as much as possible. But try to keep your charisma on the lower level.

I'm an experianced vet thats played it since release. Done basically everything the games offered and have run out of time to acutally play it now :( and new intrests.

Truely try out the 14 day trial they got going on with a site. If you like it your sub can go on for just $20 starting if not mistaken. Then depends how you do monthy payments but the more months you buy the cheaper it is. Anyways theres lots to do over 5,000 different systems in the game. Many types of jobs and lots of PvP. If you like PvP you'll like this. I've been in 2 of the largest fleet battles in this game (back in december and one that happened just last month) with 80-160 people shooting each other.

Be warned the learning cerve is a little steep and it takes at least a couple months before you really can start doing some intresting things. Overall it was well worth the money I put into it (saved me hundreds from doing other things and made hundreds selling things off to pay for my new furnature :) )


Jun 5, 2004
I got eve online... addictive at first but I played about 4 hours during the final month of the subscription.

It just seemed to me to be a game where your character gets nowhere in particular, no matter what you do someone else can do it better, PvP is not going to happen unless you are a battleship-owning character with 6 months worth of skills.

That was my other gripe - nothing based on experience or skill at all, the entire game revolves around how much money you can make in the rather dodgy simulated economy. To me it felt more like an exercise in mathematics.

To be fair though, it can be fun.

(Nothing beats that feeling you get inside you when you lose your 7,000,000 isk cruiser to an NPC)... BUT I'M NOT BITTER!!

OC Noob

Jun 28, 2002
Phoenix, AZ USA
Anyone with a Big Lots store near them, I found a copy for $4 there. Rallysport Challange and Armed and Dangerous for $8 also. Might be worth a look if you want a cheap @SS copy to try.


High Speed Premium Senior
Aug 5, 2002
Damn $4 lol. I people pay around $20 to download off site for key. I havn't seen it in the stores at all in the last year (or basically just after the game came out).

Truely its a fun game. I mean so much to do, yet you are limited on time (can't do lots til your at least a couple months old). After that you can start doing lots of things.

Goodberry, gotta say loosing a 7mil isk cruiser against NPC's are nothing. A fitted battleship with named stuff can run at least the cost of the ship if not more easy. A fitted cruiser can run upwards of 20mil isk (for the good stuff). A fitted frigate can run way up there lol its worse then a cruiser almost in comparision of mods/ship price.

Of couse people say the reason to play is to become rich. Well there really isn't a status symble for becoming rich except you can buy anything and everything in game for a price. I had over 3 billion isk that took me a couple months of hard work to get (and only a small amount of that was mining), mostly trade, buying low selling high and getting lucky with some named mods and cheap rates made me rich quickly. Investing in BPO's and reselling them.

Truely its a game to try out there are 7 and 14 day trials of the game out there that you can try. Give it a little whirl and see if you like it. Or if you want to take a bigger risk you jump on ebay and buy an account. And from there you can usually jump right in and enjoy almost everything (except not having any money probley to get anything). But skills and such are high enough to try out lots of things.

Lots of things are coming out in the future. More options better systems, more customization. If you liked Freelancer/Earth & Beyond type games give it a try.

I know im leaving the game due to real life reasons but otherwise i'd stay because of the friends I got ingame. If you don't get into a corperation and make friends with people you won't get far in the game at all.

Ok that was my extended version of what I was going to say yesterday :)