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To all owners of a P4 2.4B C-1!

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Oct 15, 2002
Because i plan to buy a 2.4B with C-1 stepping to reach 3.0+GHZ I want to know who many of you were NOT able to get that speed out of their 2.4B C-1 cpu's.

P.s.: Dont point me to the overclocking database, because it is not trustworthy in my opinion.

Thanx in advance, XBTC!
I really don´t think that you have to be so eager to get a C1 stepping..in order to reach 3ghz in oc.

I have an 2.4b... SL6D7..I think it´s an BO stepping.
I´m currently runnign it at 3014mhz on air (Swiftech MCX4000)

I think it´s simply luck of the draw.
Thanx for your replies....Keep the answers coming....

Overclocker456: I would be very very angry if i would have bought a 2.4GHZ and it only hits 2.5GHZ. What was the problem?
Are you sure the cpu itself was the problem?

P.s.: I saw several guys only getting a overclock of about 100MHZ out of their C-1. Is this special to the C-1 stepping chips? Because i never saw such a bad overclock on a B0.

Greets, XBTC!
skitZo` said:
Hie guys ive got a question.

C1 stepping chips run at higher voltage rite?

Yes, the fixed VID C1's run at 1.525v as opposed to the B0 1.5v. Multiple VID C1 cpu's will run at 1.475, 1.5 and 1.525v.
My C1 2.4B will only run 2.88 GHz using P4B533 and Alpha 8942. It will boot into Windows up to at least 170 FSB but I get Prime95 errors very quickly.
My 2.5 was a C1 stepping. It could barely do 3.0, and only 2.88 stable. And then it died without being pushed very hard. I'm back to a 1.8 running at 2.5, not much less than the stable max of the 2.5. I wouldn;t put too much stock in the superiority of the C1 stepping.
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i have a question that relates ere... I have a P4 2.0a (B0 stepping) and i set the fsb to 133. It brings up my speed to 2.66, but, and BUT, when i run sandra, it says nothing is overclocked. What is going on here? my motherboard says its overclocked, but nothing else does.
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Try the program CPU-Z downloadable from here and see if it comes up there as showing as OCed.

What about in Wincpuid?
Sadly, i downloaded the program and ran it, al it did was tel me what every otherbenchie has told me: MY cpur is not overclocked. My BIOS is really stupid, as it tells me im supposed to be at 2.66....