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To all those who believe MBM/thermistor is the only measurement

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Dec 16, 2000
I want you to read something.

Where did you think we came up with the notion of drilling holes through heatsinks?

We do that because AMD says that's how it has to be done for temperature testing. I quote from the way AMD says to do it. AMD Thermal, Mechanical, and Chassis Cooling Design Guide, "Thermocouple Installation for Temperature Testing", page 13:

"To make accurate thermal measurements, drill a hole into the heatsink to obtain the heatsink base temperature.

Center the heatsink base thermocouple directly over the die and 2mm above the die as shown in Figure 7"

We do that, and we get much different temperatures than MBM.

Is AMD stupid, too?

If you're going to argue that MBM is the only measure that counts, not only are you going to have to explain why you know better than us, you're also going to have to explain why you know better than AMD.

We know that sucks. We know that leaves you in a position of not being able to measure your computer's temperatures accurately enough to compare heatsinks. But that's the sad reality of the situation, and all the denying in the world doesn't change that. Do you think Joe LIKES drilling holes through heatsinks all the time just for the hell of it?
luckily the palamino is going to have an on die diode so hopefully we should see some accurate temp read outs
yeah, i can't understand why people have to take mbm as god. its good to check and make sure aren't having evil temps, but pretty useless after that. One question though, doesn't drilling into the hsf actually make it worse somewhat though during the testing? how do yal account for that?
It does not have an appreciable impact. A 1mm hole over top of a core with appx. 115 mm2 surface area. That's one of the other plusses for the Enermax style slip-in strip thermistor. It really does pain me to drill a hole in a perfectly good and I might mention expensive HSF.