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To much time on your hands!!!

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Jan 13, 2001
I wish I time to conger up stuff like this. Some of the stuff in here is great!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Also I am trying to get to 900 with my A7V and a Duron600. I have 320 megs of PC133.
Currently I am running at FSB105, multi at 7.5X and voltage at default. VIO 3.3. I have had it up to 850,FSB100,multi,8.5X with voltage bumped up, but I can't post anything higher. Any suggetions?
Were you able to POST above 8.5? Did you try to increase the FSB at 8.5? What voltage setting did you use at 8.5? And finally....what are you using for a HSF?
Tachyon (Jan 16, 2001 11:30 a.m.):
Were you able to POST above 8.5? Did you try to increase the FSB at 8.5? What voltage setting did you use at 8.5? And finally....what are you using for a HSF?

No It would not post above 8.5, computer would not even start. Yes I tried moving the FSB at the 8.5X but no good. The only way I got it to be stable at 8.5X was to up the voltage to 1.775/1.80. It would post under that voltage but windows gave the error messages. I have one more setting above this but I can't even get it to run at all at 9X. My cooling is ok. Idle is 40C full load 42C. At higher voltages full load temps never got above 48C.
I am thinking it is the memory but not to sure.
What HSF do you have. I've found that changing the HSF (even if your temps seem ok) can make a difference.
That is a significant problem right there. Chrome Orbs are ok as a stock HSF but don't support overclocking well at all!! A Super Orb will do you better, but a good HSF like an Alpha will really make a difference for you.
If the temps are low what does it matter? Some kind of electrical interference? I also have a 80mm fan blowing on the Orb, another 80mm rear, and a 4.5" 85 cfm fan in the front blowing air into the case. MB is 24C witch is a little under room temp. The rear 80mm and the 4.5" are running off a seperate PS, everything else is running off the 300watt comp.PS.
Results of a test I performed recently:

#1 Duron 750 w/chrome orb - best stable boot was at 850 and no FSB increase

#2 Same chip with a super orb -
best stable boot was 900 and 103 FSB (927)

#3 Same chip with an Alpha and Sanyo Denki fan - best stable boot was 900 and 107 FSB (963)

I didn't write down the temps, but I never got higher than in the 40's although the temps did drop with each test.
jaydee116 - I agree on the ChromeOrb it is not very good for OCing. Check Anandtech's forums for any post from MikeWarrior and click on the link in his sig.

He did a pretty good writeup on chromeorbs and there inherent problems including there basic design causing lower than actual temp readings.

Myself, I had a ChromeOrb and in the short time I used it I was very less than impressed. Not only did it seem to struggle cooling but it held heat pretty well for something designed to dispurse heat. (always warm to touch)

Happiness and joy was found with a FOP32-1 . I cant complain except for the many installation horror stories I have heard. I use a cheese grater to put mine on...don't ask it works;)