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to open it or not to, that's the question

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Oct 4, 2002
When I was ready to build my new system, I bought 2 CPUs (2.4B), just in case one doesn't OC well.
I tried to push the one I have installed (SL6D7 pack date 08/28), it runs perfectly stable at 156FSB default voltage.
It still seems to run stable at 159FSB, but gets lots of Windowze errors and lockups at 160FSB.
Since I locked the AGP/PCI bus during the trial and have DDR333 memory @1:1, I know its not one of these.
I can also up the vcore to 1.7 and then boot @162FSB.
Temps are just fine.

Here my question:
The other CPU is a SL6EU with pack date 10/02.
I don't know if I should open it and play with it and then sell one of them as "opened retail package", or if there isn't much of a chance to get to 3GHz on air with any of them and I should sell it unopened/sealed.
They are Retail packages.

What is the price difference when selling it opened or unopened?
What would you do?
Cyborg, you got money trees in your backyard like me (large budget due to no life)? If you do, i'd say open her up and let her rip. If not, I'd say that it's going to OC exactly the same as the one you have in your board.

Dont open it !!!!!
Ur boxed is the one i have... i like it, and right now, she does 2.8 @1.65v.. my ram is holding me back, so i cant see what she maxes out at, but witha vmod, she might hit 3
I would definitely go for it. If you had the money to spend on buying it then its not going to hurt you to loose a little selling it as used.
Just to let you guys know, I opened it.
It overclocked the exact same as the other and a friend of mine bought it for the same what I paid for.