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To suck or blow?

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Hugo 59

Senior Member
Feb 28, 2001
Linwood, NC
I have antec sx 830 case. Right now I'm only using the two exhaust fans in the rear. Tommorow I'm getting two more fans for the front to blow. I also want to put a slot fan under my video card ( gets really hot under that thing ). So should I get one that sucks air out of the case or blows air into the case?
They exhaust air from the case. Unfortunately, they all get terrible reviews. It would be wiser to pay a bit more for two sure 'nough powerful 80 mm's to install in the two intake fan mount points. This will give you much better air throughput for the whole case. If the Vidcard is still a hotty, better 80 mm exhaust fans will help. If this isn't enough, a Card Cooler or Card Cooler XT should eliminate the problem. The slot fans are a waste of money. They'll help for a while, then they'll die on you.
It depends on your noise threshold level, but I use one 120x38 Sunon and a 92mm Sunon to Intake and a 120x38 with two stock 80mm to Exhaust. Loud but cool. Strictly air.

Ambient: 22c
MB: 21c
CPU: 21c idle (1ghz @ 1502 10.5@143)

Shoot for having a little more air going in than coming out. A) You don't want your PSU fan competing for its share of the air. B) It helps keep dust from sucking in every crevice, crack and hole, not to mention the floppy and CD drives.