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To upgrade or to not to...

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Feb 6, 2002
Just wondering what you guys think about me upgrading my system. My specs are in my sig. If I were to upgrade, I was planning on Abit ST6 with Cele-T 1.2a (with Swiftech mcx370).

Would I see a big improvement over my current system or should I just stick with it unless I'm going to a P4 or something?

Upgrading is totally up to you. If there's a big reason go for it. If you play mad gaming and you really need it, go for it. But if you sit on the desktop all day, and surf not worth it.

i say your system is fine and doesnt really need upgrading.....your gaming should be very good and unless you fold or crunch Seti i see no reason other than for the sake of wanting newer stuff.....
I totally agree with funnyperson1, you won't see a "BIG" difference upgrading to 1.2 Celei ... no noticable performance issue there unless you talk P4's :) ... 3d gamer? will crunch soon? totally up to you :)
Although I love the Tualatin Chips,

It just doesn't make any sense to invest any more $$$ into the
dying Pentium III platform.

The New Celeron (p4-base) is about to come out in April,
pehaps your $$$ can be better spend on a cheap P4 now or wait for the new P4-Celeron next month
If it was simply a matter of dropping a new CPU into your existing system, I'd say yeah maybe. But to buy a new mobo and CPU... no, it's not worth it. Save your money for a P-4 like was suggested.