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to waterblock 10 radiator

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Jun 20, 2004
I have my system in this order;
Pump -> Cpu -> Radiator 1-> Gpu -> Radiator 2 -> Res -> Pump.

What would happen if i made it this way;

Pump -> Radiator 1 -> Cpu -> Raditor 2 -> Gpu -> Res -> Pump.

I only ask because in this order it's messy if i do the other way things will look much neater. But I do not want it to effect my temps in a bad way, either stay the same or better. Would it work????
Do a search for posts by a guy named Cathar, as this has been covered time and time again. The order will make about a .2c difference on paper, but .2c is well within the margin of error. What's most important is that you keep your tubing as short and neat as possible to keep your head height down and your flow rate up. Depending on how much head height you can reduce your current setup, this could actually produce an observable temp drop. Have any pics?


I will be making it shorter like this

I really should have asked this before, but what pump are you using? Regardless of what pump you're using you'll definitely cut down on your head loss and up your flow, but to what extent depends solely on the pump you're using. Post some results once you've made the changeover :)
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Very nice job!

I see no reason to modify what you have. Judging from the picture you provided, it appears as though you have a clean installation without too much room for improvement. Would it be possible for you to provide pictures from different angles to complete the perspective of your system?
seriously unless your punp is putting alot of heat into the water your temps wont vary much at all. It looks pretty good from that pic! :attn:
I have the swiftech 12v pump pump, ill get more pics when i get home from work.