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too hot videocard

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Feb 26, 2002
hi all,

i have a leadtek winfast Ti 500 vcard installt,after slightly oc-it
255/550 the temp is around 40-44 C . i need to get the temps down so i tought about installing a crystall orb fromthermaltake.
my question is will it fit?and how do i get the old fan and heatsink out ?

thanks in advance.
it should fit if you have push pins on your vid card which i think
you probably do. if not, u can always use arctic alumina.

to get the old one off, put the card in static bag and
put it in the freezer for 20 m inutes. then use a credit card
and flat head screw driver to pry it off, of course after taking
off the pins if any.

then clean off the GPU with acetone, nail polish remover,
or isropyl alchahol.
thanks for the reply,

can i use artic silver between GPU and orb or stick with the silicone compound?
Probably your best bet would be the ASII or ASIII, I believe the silicone is generally a worse performer. If that's all you got though go with it.
your card looks like it has the push pin holes. it also has 4 other holes, so it would work fine so you should be able to use AS too. i really like the look of the heatsink on the card. how it acts as a ram cooler too is perdy cool :p