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too much cooling??

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Dec 31, 2000
my cpu and the northbridge are both watercooled with a liquid temp of -10 degrees (lets just say there are pelts involved here), anyway, my socket area was condensation proofed, but I just installed the N.Bridge block but didnt occur to me to do anything to the northbridge chip area, can condensation form and cause a problem here? The waterblock was arctic silver epoxied onto the N. bridge chip, so it is permanent. The only thing I would be able to do is remove a peltier or two and have the liquid temp be warmer. Any thoughts?? Also, would I get any benefit from watercooling the S.Bridge chip and the american megatrends chip on my board? (it is a iwill ka266r)
the water cool system is already in place, so all i would have to do is get two more waterblocks and epoxy them on. The blocks are cheap, so money is not a issue here, just performance- even if it will mean 1% more on the oc

Iwill ka266-r v1.3
1.33/266 O/C @ 1.65
256 mb crucial pc2100 ddr ram
dangerden water kit enhanced with becooling chip waterblock and video card water block
Full server case with 2 120mm's in and 2 120mm's out
3 85 watt peltiers in a chiller (website below this line)
2 dangerden cube radiators each w/120mm's on them
ati radeon 64 vivo
roadrunner cable modem (usb connect)
2 IBM deskstars in striping mode raid
430 watt power supply
1 toshiba dvd rom, 1 creative 52x rom, 1 hp burner

you've seen the list- officially broke now....donations are being humbely accepted :)
You might actually consider water proofing your entire system if you're running the water cooled to that temp as condensation may form on the tubing...and if you have that problem taken care of, then yes, you probably should protect that area.
May I suggest coating the area around the NorthBridge with Aqua Seal or another conformal coating and insulating the block with neoprene. Aqua Seal would also be ideal for attaching neoprene to the block.
my northbridge has already been attached with arctic silver, is there anything I can do here or is it too late?

I was thinking about maybe building a new system and putting my chiller in the new one and going with a single or double stack 156W peltier on the cpu only, that way the cpu will be kept real cold and the other chips will still be well off with the regular water cooling temps, I'am assuming that the N.brige, and other chips dont really need a -10 degree liquid temp.
btw- the waterblock on the n.bridge is slightly off of the mobo due to the chip being 1/8" thick, I could possibly get some of that stuff under there using a model car glue applicator tip, do you think this would work? Is this stuff conductive? Does the back of the board need preped with the foam the same as I did for the socket area?

If I go wih the single 156 W pelt, do I still need to run a seperate power supply for the pelt? My main is a 431 watt enermax pushing 18A@12V peak/ 15A@12V max

the other is a 350W, if I dont need both I'd use the other PSU in the other system