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Too much crappy games today...

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Nov 15, 2003
I think all gamecoders/artists should be forced to make games on old platforms before making any games on modern pc's.
In the times the c64/amiga ruled the world there wasn't much resources too play around with. The game creators had to put much more focus in gameplay than gfx/sfx cuz there wasn't room for it... The c64 had 64KB of mem to play around with. No GFX/SFX extra mem... Everything then was pure assemble code. My point is that maybe games would have better gameplay and greater plot-variation, cuz today 90% of released games sucks!!!
Ok, I know, there was lot of crap in the early days too, but not as much...


Jul 20, 2003
Peoria, IL
too much crappy grammer... But i dont think they should do that since it costs money to make any game even old ones and no one would buy old games.... besides all those crappy games still sell... Look at ETM its crap but sold over a million copies... Same thing with True Crime It won the VGA award for something and its been out for like a month, it won because it has so much publicity....

Its the same reason why Dell is so big, because 99% of people dont know anything about computers so they buy the garbage from Dell because its what they've heard from TV and all this other advertisement.

Finally, i think the percentile of crappy games is more like 75% But they wont change them, why make a good game in 2 years, that will sell 1 million copies because its so good when you can make a crap fest in a month and sell 5 million copies with publicity or a popular liscence.