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Tool for Cutting Fan Holes

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Da Whip

Senior Member
Feb 2, 2001
Sunny Florida, you can keep the midwest!!
I am in the middle of building my new PC and was trying to figure the best way to cut holes for the 6 fans. I have read about hole saws(very pricey) and Dremel tool, when I remembered the new power tool I got for X-mas.

I got a Rotozip Spiral Saw w/ a circle cutter for home improvement. This saw is way too cool. It took me a couple of practice cuts on boxes and wood to get the technique down, but it only took about 2 minutes to cut a perfect hole for a 120mm case fan. It is very smooth edged and only took a short time to make it look like the case came that way.

Thought I would throw this bit of info out for others to share.
cool man ...i was thinking about dremel vs. hole saw and i though ahh hell i'll just get a hole saw but how clean and percise were the cuts....no problems? if not i know what im getting my dad for his next birthday present.
Da Whip, did you use the carbide cutting bit or the spiral bit? I have the Roto Zip but need to get the circle cutting attachment.
I tried using the bits that came with the Rotozip, but they are real easy to break since they are only 1/8" bits. I found these 1/4" saw drill bits at Home Depot for around $6.00 and they seem to be able to take the abuse.

One more piece of info, I was looking to buy some crome fan grills and was not able to find them locally. Some of the prices online are OK, but w/ shippimg it is not cheap. I found a supplier we use at work and checked out the catalog. I got 4-120mm, 1-92mm and 1-80mm crome grill delivered for under $13.00. The website is www.mcmaster.com.
I use a Dremel. Awesome little tool! I used it to make my whole case out of 1/4 " plexy glass a while back. Also used it to cut many fan holes as well as holes for switches and lites as well.
To cut holes for 80mm fans I used a jigsaw with a 32 TPI blade -- the finest I could get. I then finished the holes with a 2.5" circular stone mounted in a variable speed drill. This gave a very even, polished edge.
I used a plasma cutter to cut my holes...but i suppose that not everyone has access to one of these...