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Tracing a mobile phone number

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Feb 4, 2011
Hi guys, a relative of mine is getting what looks like suspicious calls from a mobile phone to her landline phone number. It's not a number she recognises, and when she answers nobody talks. I think it may be a phishing attempt and I've made a record of the number and how many times they have called. I'm aware of scams that get you to phone back using premium rate charging so I'm a little iffy about doing that.

I was thinking perhaps I could do something clever like find a name it may be linked to using the web, but as it's a private mobile number nothing has come up. Is there any software I can use to find out more about the owner of this number, or software that allows me to send an annoymous text message asking them who they are and why they are calling ?


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Dec 4, 2011
Satan's Colon, US
Call the police and report it as harassment and give them the number. They can find out who it is. Or buy a cheap, disposable pay as you go phone at Walgreens and text/call from that.


Oct 29, 2005
There are numerous websites that will allow you to send an anonymous text to any mobile. Anonymous because ip addresses do not have a name attached. If they never speak or leave a message I highly doubt they will respond to whatever # you give them for a return call. Best bet is something like CallSoftPro. You use your pc as an answering machine for landlines and you can select any incoming number to trigger any type of response such as the ubiquitous, "I' sorry but this # is no longer working"-CLICK, simple hangup, you name it. Also the same free sites that allow you to send anonymous messages will give you the ability to use the cell# to find the carrier which you will need in the first place.


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Jan 14, 2011
you can google the number and find out pretty quick if its a spam caller.