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Transferred files to new disk, storage size not the same

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Has slightly less legible writing than Thideras
Mar 12, 2002
Hey guys!

So I just got a new 8Tb HDD to replace my aged 2Tb HDD that I use for data storage.

Drive D: under properties shows 1.02TB of data. I deleted all the junk I don't need.
I enabled show hidden files and folders(only thing was a msdownload.tmp 0kb.

Ok so I select all folders from the drive root and copy to new drive E:.
Data transfer completes without an issue.
Check drive properties and find that the used size is 957GB.
First though is ok I must have enabled compression - nope.
Casually navigated the folders and seems to be right.

So I waited a few days for it to index everything and then checked a couple of my larger folders and got file count matches.

Still uneasy about the situation I decided to reformat the new disk, and run the transfer again.

Again the transfer completes without an issue.
And again I have the exact same mismatch. D: 1.02TB E: 957GB

2TB disk originally formatted in windows 7 with MBR / NTFS setup.
8TB disk formatted in windows 10 GPT / NTFS setup.

I know the new drive is setup with 4K block size, but I dont remember what I set it to on the old drive.

Appreciate any insight you can provide.


Nov 28, 2001
Funny you just posted this, as I was about to post a similar problem as well. Your issue, however, might just be the difference in how the OS/file browser is reporting the size incorrectly. When checking in properties, look for the actual byte count, not the MB/GB/TB.


What have I done! Member
May 17, 2005
Sector size can affect how much space may have been wasted by various file sizes.


Has slightly less legible writing than Thideras
Mar 12, 2002
Ok so I consulted with one of my other buddies and he suggested selecting all the folders and pulling their info rather than looking at disk properties.

AFter letting it do its thing which took a bit I got both drives with 53532 files and size is 956Gb on both drives.

So looks like I was stressing about nothing.