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Transparent keys

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Mar 8, 2002
Are there any keyboards availiable that have transparent keys or does any sell a set of them that you can put on your keyboard. I'm gonna do the neon glow wire all throughout my keyboard and it would be 10x better w/ keys that would light up
I have seen keyboards with tranparent key sell at places like comp USA for about 15 dollars. The one's I saw had a little different shape to them but I am sure they sell the keyboards in normal shape.

post some pics when your done.
I'll have to go look. i will if it gets done... I'm way over budget this month just started a new comp and have spent about 600 on it in last 2 weeks.
I think it would look better with a normal keyboard anyway, that way the light would spill out of the cracks between the keys. I think I might just do that to my keyboard. A few nice blue LEDs. yeah!
I was thinking that with transparent keys the light underneath would illuminate the keys
if you REALLY wanted a transparent keyboard, you could always take every single key off, cut the top out and replace it with a transparent plastic. It would take for ever, but if you cared enough..

also, anybody know any brand of small LEDs that are very bright? I don't think I can fit a Led under the keys, but there is 2 spots where there would maybe be enough room, but that limits me to two leds, so they have to be bright. If i ran a 2-3 volt LED on 5V USB, would it be ultra bright, or would i probably fry it?
leds in keyboards

I like to light my keyboard with leds or EL wire, but its wireless and I don't want to add any wires to power the stuff. The keyboard is powered by 4x AA batteries. Any thoughts?

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