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Mar 2, 2008
US of A
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I had an idea similar to this minus the fold out display about a year ago. I think it'd be great to use if you could make it small enough, I abandoned mine because after you put everything together it ends up still being either fairly large to facilitate quiet cooling, or smaller and noisy. Since I wanted the best of both worlds, I gave up =/
here are the sketches:


The top shows a possible closed design.
Then an open keyboard
Back of the box
Open monitor/keyboard

I'm not quite sure if i want the entire front to fold down (exposing fans, etc behind it) or jst a keyboard.
I'm going to use a micro-atx mobo. The trick will be getting a 8800 to fit in it, maybe i can find a low profile one. I also want to use a quad, so fitting a decent cooler might be tricky
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anyone know of a video card that mounts parallel to the mobo instead of perpendicular?

laptop parts? they don't sell those on newegg, suggested source?
anyone know of a video card that mounts parallel to the mobo instead of perpendicular?

What you're looking for is a 90 degree PCI-E adapter. Any PCI-E card could possibly fit with that, but you'll have to watch the cooling. A 2-slot cooler on the card might make it tricky.
Funny how things come full circle. A whole bunch of years ago, I actually worked on one of these.. http://www.obsoletecomputermuseum.org/compaq/

keyboard locked in the bottom and covered the two drive bays and the leet greenscreen monitor.


Love the idea of making a full sized desktop more portable.

They have newer ones still but they are expensive. I tried picking up a couple on ebay last year for just what the OP was thinking but no luck. Got way to pricey for me.


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good idea masaca- i could use laptop optical drives to slim it down, laptop hdd's as well. any suggestions for a slim powersupply?
anyone know of a video card that mounts parallel to the mobo instead of perpendicular?

laptop parts? they don't sell those on newegg, suggested source?

Theres Logic Supply, a little overpriced I think but they sell mITX boards, laptop hard/optical drives, some low profile memory, and mobile CPUs. Even those laptop brick style PSUs if you can keep total system wattage low enough.

Wonder if you fine some screens small and cheap enough you can stick one on either side of the main screen at the same angle as the case, so instead of just one screen you have three that fold up and down :)

I like this idea, Ill subscribe.
I think I'm going to go micro atx- then i can use a conventional processor- i'm gunning for a quad.

I'm not sure how I'm going to make an access panel- the back will come off, but that won't give much accessability. Perhaps the top and angled sides will come off as a single piece.

3 monitors? a possibliity- but then I'm looking at an additional video card and about $500 extra

cooling- 3 120's on the front, 3 on the back - that quad's gonna get hot but i think I can get some good airflow

Link to my parts list:https://secure.newegg.com/NewVersio...ListNumber=6001234&WishListTitle=traportazoid
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Good point with the 2 graphics cards.

For access, maybe set it up so you can just take some screws out and the whole bottom just pop off with the mobo attached? Only problem would be wire connetions, maybe a back panel to unplug stuff and then the unscrewable bottom?
My dad's new laptop jst came in the mail, and I'm setting it up for him... the thing is huge- im thinking about ditching the 17 in lcd for a 15.4 possibly loosing the triangles on the side too... or at least making them steeper.
I have some black acrylic from Devs and 12 feet of aluminum angle (3/4 in.) Time to get out the TIG welder :p