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Tri-Band Router reached the maximum number of connected devices, now what?

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I am on copper but it appears will get fiber optic in about a year. That would be a good time to implement your advice.
I have added so many simple WiFi remote power controllers that I have ran out of available slots to connect.
Before I read your post I reluctantly threw thirty bucks at the problem, fully knowing that a complete revamp is preferable, from previous posts on here.

This is usually fifty bucks but today on sale for $34.99:

It should add 25 devices and cover 1500 Sq.ft if used as an additional extender, my issue comes down to sheer number of devices, rather than speed or safety.

But you are right, and thank you kindly for your post.
The best way to go is your way. But I have what I have because at the time I did not know I was going to be in this position.
Setting up 80 to 100 devices is an EXTREMELY time-consuming task and a complete overhaul will require that.

I have lightened the load and range by integrating an additional extender and it took me all day to catalog where more than eighty devices are connected to.

TP-Link comes out well reviewed. I have now integrated three of their cheap extenders.

• TP-Link TL-WA855RE Wi-Fi Range Extender, my review: It only connects maximum 8 devices and it is a pain to integrate. I would not recommend buying this bottom of the barrel cheap device under any circumstances. Get the RE300 AC1200 at a minimum.

TP-Link RE220 AC750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender is what many people get. It connects maximum 20 devices. It can be had for $20 to $25 but my recommendation is to spend extra on the TP-Link RE300 AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender. It is $35. That's what you need to spend at a minimum: $35.

The AC1200 connect much quicker than the AC750 or lesser devices.

Note on my main router Netgear. They very much deserve their reputation as a company which releases (very) buggy software which year after year does not get fixed. Their software division is a JOKE. Hardware is okay once you figure everything out. But Netgear does not have good software. At all.
It took me a very long time to figure out correct reset procedure for Google Audio Chromecast sync streaming of music.

No need to disconnect Audio Chromecasts.
Instead, power OFF Main Modem and all routers and extenders.

Now reconnect Main Modem, then main router only.
START Audio Chromecasting to Group.

It should work flawlessly for all devices connected to main router (since that's the only thing powered ON so far.]

Pause casting and only now power ON all extenders.
Resume Audio Chromecasting to Group.

I do not know why simple [power OFF to all] then wait then [power ON to all] does NOT flush streaming problems.
But the way I posted finally worked.