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Tried the lapping Trick

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Mar 4, 2001
Shelby Township, MI.
Well I have been reading how everybody is lapping there HS and getting better results. So I decided to try it on the Standard HSF that came with my Thunderbird chip.After modifying it by cutting of about .100 Thousands of each side with my Wire EDM machine. To fit on a Asus P5a running a K6III 450@500 I took and lapped it with a fine stone until I reached a mirror finish. And Wow it dropped the temps by 10 deg .So I am for sure going to do my Fop-32 on my Thunderbird chip and hope it will drop some temps to

Thanks everybody for all the info in this Forum
And what do you mean by a fine stone? The finest I have found is a Spyderco XF.
Shadow, That was 10c it droped, yeah im amazed it does really help
The fuss is well worth the results..lol

Kloster, its a 4 axis CNC machine, if you check out my profile, i have my web page link, check that out and you can see what the Wire machine is and you can see some of the things i cut on my samples page

Colin, the stone is called a indian white stone, almost feels like marbale to the touch,its great for taking the high spots off with out taking much material away
I thought it was Electrical Discharge Milling, as opposed to conventional rotating bit milling.

I like lapping compound myself. It's easier to use (for me at least), and you can get it up to the equivalent of 100,000 grit.
Szech (May 07, 2001 12:31 p.m.):
I like lapping compound myself. It's easier to use (for me at least), and you can get it up to the equivalent of 100,000 grit.

Where can you get lapping compound?
I get mine from a machinist shop over here. I wasn't aware that they sell it in auto supply places as well. For machinist applications, I have seen the grit as high as 100,000. I like this better than sandpaper because it doesn't shift around (since it is gooped on a lapping block), and when I lap with sandpaper, I have a tendency to get some of the sandpaper grit stuck in the heatsink.

But do whatever works for you :)
You will drop your temps if you use a sheet of 2000 grit with Artic Silver as the lube for the final polish. You don’t want any polishing compound in the microscopic surface variations where the thermal compound needs to be.