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Troubleshooting new loop on MSI p55-GD65

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New Member
Jan 12, 2010
Tons of great info here, but I am having trouble with a new loop on my P55-GD65 with the Heatkiller LT. I can't seem to find anyone else who mentions this problem, so I feel like I am going a little crazy!

After installing the block, I noticed that it is touching a row of caps to the left of the socket (backpanel to the left). The overlap is only a couple of mm, but it is hard contact ... I cannot slip a sheet of paper between them. I decided to fire up the system and see if I had good contact with the core. On startup, going straight into BIOS, I get temperatures around 38-40C. Even a moderate load will take it up to 60 or higher, and a large load will spike almost instantly into the 90s. I know I need some better fans on my rad, but am I right to assume that the RAPID temperature climb is due to poor contact with the HK block? Insufficient radiator cooling should lead to a gradual temperature rise as the water in the loop heats up, right?

Assuming it is a contact problem, any thoughts on how to fix it? Has anyone else had experience with a block making contact with the caps on the GD65? Given the small overlap, should I just try to (VERY CAREFULLY!) file down the corner where the contact occurs?

Thanks for any thoughts!
is it the actuall block that is touching the caps or just the hold down braket?

if its jsut the hold down braket then i would jsut trim the part thats overlapping off. Be carefull though not to take off any more than you need to. also check to make sure you have it oriented correctly sometimes you can ony put them on one way like the apogee XT
If they are the tall caps, often time you can safely bend them a bit away from teh CPU to provide a bit of space. Solid state caps (silver, smaller than lima bean typically) are not moveable and if those is the problem, try rotating the block 90 degrees like above poster said. If that won't work, and it is just the hold down plate that is being affected, grab a dremmel or something and carve out the portion of the plate causing issue.
Thanks for the ideas. The caps are solid state, so no bending out of the way. I was also convinced that the block was symmetric, but rotating 90 degrees has given just enough clearance.
Are there any issues with rotating the HK block 90 degrees? Most images I saw about the install had it oriented with the inlet/outlet along the line of the cores.
The issue seems to be with some Swiftech blocks, not with HK that you got. You should be OK but keep an eye on CPU temp. If core 1 and 4 is consistently high, then you'd need to figure out another way of mounting it or consider a different board.
Thanks again for the advice. I am sitting at high 20's at idle and just peaking above 50 at full load in prime95 after an hour with the block 90 degrees, so I would say that the rotation is just fine. Cores #0 and #2 are running just a little bit hotter (2-3 degrees), but I can't really argue with those temps (they are the ones that peak over 50) ... should give me a bit of room to oc even with relatively underpowered fans.