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Troubleshooting of modified Palit 1070 GTX Dual problems

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New Member
Feb 20, 2021
I am a Mechactronical engineer and I would like to restore a modified card into original state.

Recently I bought a modified Palit GTX 1070 Dual videocard. It has an AMPLE 20A Power Card attached for memory voltage and it had another power board for PEX voltage. I do not have much information about any further modifications. I found out a Mostfet is broken on the 1.35V line so I cannot remove the AMPLE board but I can set it's output voltage to 1.35V. However I have removed the second external board from the PEX voltage because that part of circuit seems ok.

When I plug the card into PC and start the system it does not work 100%. The PC restarts multiple times and after some try it can boot. The Windows recognised the card without issue. But sometimes there are some screen glitches and sometimes it is frozing out. When I try to use the card with Phoenixmixer I got the following issues:

cuda error in CudaProgram.cu:465 an illegal memory access was encountered (700)
GPU1 search error: an illegal memory access

unable to get fan speed - unknown error (999)

CUDA error in CudaProgram.cu:465 : an illegal memory access was encountered (700)
GPU1 seach error: an illegal memory access was encountered

The issues appears very randomly. Some come up after 30-40 sec. Some after 5 sec from start. Sometimes the windows crashes sometimes not.

What shall I check? What can be the problem? Shall I replace the broken FET on the 1.35V rail and remove the ample board?
Is the PEX voltage not sufficient?

I am using Windows 10 with most recent Nvidia driver. The card has the EVGA GTX 1070 86.04.3B.00.3F bios.

Any help would be welcomed. Thank you.