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TRUE & Megahalems: Performance with different fan configurations (Rd 2)

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Hey Mudd

Where did you get your -1011's? And how do they sound when they undervolt?
I bought them out of the Classies some time ago. As for undervolting, I hadn't tried that. ;)

Truthfully, I really haven't tried them on a fan controller. I only have 1 system with a fan controller and it's watercooled and running with the case fans on the controller. I've been using the Swiftech fans on the rad that come with the H2O 220 compact kit, so I haven't put any other fans on that setup. I might give it a try in the future though, since I plan to upgrade the rad to an RX360 on that system in the future.
Hey all, I ran out of time to retest all with the same board on the C2D system. But I have a new i7 setup coming and hopefully I will get time to rerun the heatsinks on it. I have a 980X and Asus P6X58D Premium board and Kingston HyperX T1 DDR3-2000 ram that should be coming in tomorrow, so it should be waiting for me when I get home. I plan to experiment with it on air first, so after I get a reasonable overclock on it (4 GHz to start with?), I will try rerunning the heatsinks again and see how they stack up. I won't run through all the fans, but rather just concentrate on the Sanyo Denki fans in push and push-pull. You can always extrapolate the performance with the other fans from that I believe. And I will also play with my Denki counter-rotating beast on the TR heatsinks at least too, just to see how much further 300 cfm of absolute mayhem and noise cools better than 2 Denki 1011 fans in push-pull.

Mud, you should make a dedicated new thread for those two beasts of yours, the 980X and that SanyoDenki "turbine" on true copper, megahalem and VX at benching speed. :rock:

I just received my Prolimatech Megahalems this morning. What a beauty it is, although smaller than I thought. I should have my mobo soon and wanted to ask a quick question.

As far as mounting hardware goes, is there a better mounting system available that will give me a higher clamping pressure than that of what comes with it? If so, can the hardware be purchased as, stand-alone?

I am aware of the duct tape trick offering more clamping pressure, but wondered if there is something even better. Thanks.
Duct tape trick?

Hi Ehume,

Muddocktor, one of our forum moderators, and the resident forum expert on cooling, came up with this little duct-tape trick that you can read from the link below, which is actually post #35 from this tread. In fact, I'd recommend you reading this entire thread as it contains a wealth of information regarding some of the better heat sinks and how they perform using numerous different brand cooling fans.

Thanks to Muddocktor's hard work putting all this together, it made me realize how good my Sanyo Denki, San Ace 109R1212H1011 fans are, and will pair several of them up with my new Prolimatech Megahalems for my new i7 build.

Hey Mudd

Where did you get your -1011's? And how do they sound when they undervolt?

Same pitch, same low and barely distinguishable bearing humm. Just quieter overall. I used 3 in conjuction with a Rheobus 6ch controller for ~6months and the results were more than bearable.

I would like to see how the Panaflo H1BX faired against your Denkis and San Aces. Also
Denkis and San Aces, or Denki San Aces? Just checking.
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Hmm. The H101's I've been getting have a quiet but discernible clicking when undervolted. Luckily, I can't hear it when they're strapped to my Megatron.

Richie13 - thanks for the ref. I read it so long ago I'd forgotten about it. The trick is similar to what I have on my Mega right now: 1/64 inch of brass sheets. Seems to make a bit of a difference.
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sorry for bumping up an old thread

but, recently I did the same test on an old Q6600+DFI P35+ven-X

i did several push, and push pull setup using following fans:
- delta PFC1212DE 3.24A (cfm, rpm, are unknown; just can't find the correct datasheet. I can only find the 4.8A)
- delta FFC1212DE 2.4A (again cfm unknown, rpm somewhere near 3800rpm on h/w monitor reading
- delta EFB1212VHE 0.72A (3500rpm, but cfm unknown; I can only find the 0.48A datasheet)
- Cooler Master A12025-12CD-3BN-F1 0.16A 1300rpm (an CM 690II case fan, actually)

the cpu was OC'ed to 3.4GHz @1.39v (stock voltage + 105.19% on the bios)

and here's the results that I've got:

I got no bennefit at all on putting another fan as a "pull", just can figured out why?:screwy:

and the result by using the CM case fan was a total crap....
I got a constant random core error at ~10minutes of priming with the same bios setup, so I endup on not putting the result of the CM fan on the chart....

if you curious of the more detailed SS of my priming results,
you can download it from here

I did this test because I got a better temps drop on push-pull setup on the new Thermolab Trinity cooler (but poorer performance due to it's physical size)

so here's the results that I've got with trinity:


not so sure if the results are based to the HSF design....
so I wonder if any of the other member have done similiar test on different HSF please share your results.....