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Trying for 1200mhz..???

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Jan 11, 2001
Just brought me an Abit KT7-RAID board. And a T-bird 1000mzh. and 256mb PC133 Cas 2 Micron. I was able to (OC) my bird too 1100 and 1155 without any problems using a standard heatsink quality fan.
100mhz 11.0

When i try for 1200mhz my system keeps on restarting everytime it get's to Windows boot logo screen don't know what would casue it to do that..

Since the voltage setting for 1000 and 1100mhz or kept the same at 1.70 to 1.75v. Any suggestion on what i should do. Should i bump up the voltage to 1.80 or 1.85. I was kind of worried about my cpu toasting up. if the increase of voltage of affect it..???
any clue on what FSB setting i should use and what multiplier setting i should set it on. should increase the FSB or decrease the FSB level. Should i raise multiplier up or down..??? to get to 1200mhz
Right now my bird at 1100mhz is normal @ 1.75v
3.3v same setting i was using for 1000mhz..

the cpu temperature inside is 29.9 C /85.8'F
cpu core voltage 1.86v SiSoft Sandra monitoring.

I have 4 case fan.
With only 29.9C, you should bump up your voltage to 1.85 and go for it. Stay under 120F and you will be okay. ;P
buy a better hsf when you start to increase the cvolt`s your going to need it

bump your volts drop your fsb to 100 and try for 11.5 multiplier if you cant make this then start bumping the fsb at 11 multiplier