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trying my first wu with many questions

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Burning Phoenix

Jul 3, 2001
Schenectady NY
Ok i think i got this set up right.
I'm running FAH3console.exe.
Configured the way it said on the web page.

Question 1: When configuring i used Burning Phoenix as my name with a space between. When i signed up on the folding page i signed up as the same but they don't allow spaces. Will my WU still go to me? I edited the client.cfg file and took out the space. Will that work?

Question 2: How long will this take with my 2700 mhz system?
THe protein i downloaded is :
Run: 86 (Clone 92, Gen 1)
Frames 200

I'm guessing 18 hours!

Question 3: Could you recommend some speed tweaks?
now that you change the client.cfg to the name without the space, make sure you restart the client so the changes will take effect! Then all the WU's will go the that name, before they would have gone to the name with the space with no prob, but since you already changed it i would leave it with what you changed it too.

i don't have a p4 rig up so i can't give you a guess on the frame time but i am sure some will give you some times to compare!

Speed tweaks....

run as little as possible and the client will give you the best times, no real speed tweaks though :\

I had to check out this folding thing as i write the script for the countdown. I needed to be able to get around the pages for the stats and such to find the fastest web page to obtain the score.
I by the way have been working on the script since this afternoon to which i'm designing to be more configurable for other teams and a # count to reach. Hopefullu i'll be done tonight with a demo.

Also now my prediction seems to be around 16 hours for that unit as i watch the 25th frame come up.
well once again THANK YOU for working on the script, ebola said he would have a nice graphic for this one by the end of the week for this one!

sweet, frametimes are dropping!:D


To fold faster, you should try out the gromacs core. P4's get a big boost when using the new scientific core over the old tinker core.

You'll just need to start the client with a couple of command flags: -advmethods and -forceasm

Flip through the folding section to find all you need to know about gromacs. Right now gromacs WU's are few and far between, but they'll pick up as Stanford makes the transistion to the newer core.

If you want to track your WU's, try Electron Micorscope 3. www.em-dc.com

Welcome to the team!!!! I look forward to hearing how your scripting goes....