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Trying my own version of "cool and quiet"

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Mar 25, 2002
Washington State
Hi Everyone,

I was inspired by the "cool and quiet" article on the main website and I am conceptualizing doing something similar, but need a little advice.

I'm building on a shuttle ak31, athlon xp 1800+, which will be O/C'd (duh). I'm cooling the CPU with a Thermalright AX7. The whole reason I'm going for this quiet thing is that the Delta 80cfm that came with it is JUST TOO DANG LOUD for me to tolerate!!!!

I already have some 'SORB' coming to me from http://www.soundsuckers.com/#rubber/ (scroll down a bit to find the SORB...it's pricy but is super thin and is said to be extremely effective) I am going to line every available inch of the case with the SORB...Now to the need for some advice:

For the kind of case to purchase with this, I think that putting the SORB all in the inside will counter any of the positive cooling effects of Aluminum. Does this reason out? I figure that a standard sheet metal case would be fine as long as I have decent intake / exhaust to move air through. (I'll be making a duct for intake to the AX7)

Any suggestions on a good case to use on this?

better idea,

throw that delta out your window and get a big quiet 120 and duct that thru your side into that hs!!! that would work great!!!

or get a super loud one and rheostat it... about 100ohms and at least...crap what is it now maby 5-10 watts? i cant remember...
Welcome to the forums.

The better-quality case you get, the better your chances of a quiet one. Thicker walls and top, better construction, etc. The sound absorption won't add that much heat retention to your case. Just make sure you do have adequate ventilation.