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Trying to get computer to first boot.

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Alfa boy

Apr 20, 2024
I bought a selection of parts last year but couldn't get computer to boot then life got busy and I didn't investigate further. Though was offered some good advice. Tonight I found some time and started again.

Spec is msi meg x570s ace max.
Ryzen 9 5950x cpu
Corsair DDR4 64gb 2 x 32 ram
Radeon RX6900xt gpu
Corsair Hx750 power supply.

Issue was every time I booted cpu light would light and computer wouldn't boot.
Going on advice given I tried it tonight with no gpu and one stick of ram .. it booted so far and cpu light went out for first time.
So I tried it again with the two sticks. Same issue as I had originally. Removed both sticks and swap them over.
wouldnt boot again constant red light.

I'm now going to use working stick and add gpu and seen if I can get it working.

So far my question is.. do I swap both sticks or can I just add another 32gb of the same ram or am I better buying another 64gb pair of ram

If it seems to be the one stick of RAM, I'd run with the one stick and reach out to Corsair to RMA the faulty stick. Mixing RAM *might* work but I'd rather have a matching set in the long run.

Edit: or swap both sticks if you have two known working sticks of the same model, your call.
Thanks will check with RMA .. didn't think about that was just going to buy a new set.
Will have a look. Tried it with gpu and seems to get as far as boot light light now.
So will try install windows tomorrow as see what happens
I wouldnt rma yet....

What RAM, exactly? What speed RAM? 2x32GB is a lot... and if it's fast.... no wonder.

Is the ram on the qvl list??

I'd update the bios on your mobo and see if you can get the 2 sticks working....

....may need to adjust some voltage to get it to work.

....but let's get more info first.

Also, do you NEED 64GB? 32GB is plenty for 90% of users and typically 'just works'.
I think it's dead as one stick works and two doesn't.. then swapping the second stick into the first position and it fails to boot then with just that stick installed.
Ram is corsair vengeance LPX 3200mhz


Got it to boot this morning and currently installing windows .. think it had the lastest bios installed last January 2023 when I last tried to get it running
If you bought a 2x32GB kit, Corsair will want both sticks back & provide you with 2 new sticks. They won't just RMA 1 of the 2 (well, they shouldn't) since they were sold as a matched pair.

That'll be a nice system once it's fully up & running. :thup:
had an email tonight requesting both sticks returned ..
thats great news so will removing the remaining stick and post off first thing tomorrow so hopefully be back by the weekend

thanks all
Well posted yesterday .. arrived today at 11 o'clock.. been tested found faulty and new ram to be sent within 48 hours.. excellent service from Scan .. ( corsair agent I'm guessing )
Thanks for everyone's help so far ..
It happens. I worked at my college's IT department, and most of the labs had fairly decent Xeon based Dell workstations (dunno if the ram was ECC though). One year Dell contacted us saying the last batch shipped with a known large quantity of faulty RAM, guess they had received a lot of complaints. Luckily instead of asking to test each system individually they just shipped us new sticks - a good sized box full of clamshells of rows and rows of RAM - and told us to just replace it all, they'll deal with testing on their end.