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Trying to overclock pentium 733 on asus cuv4x

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Mar 28, 2002
Hi guys... im new to overclocking.

How the hell do u make changes to the system frequency multiple????????????(if thats what im supposed to be changing).The feild is blocked out for me.

Ive been altering the voltage to1.7 from 1.65 aswell as that other thing system frequency i altered to 144 from 133.

The fastest ive gotten it so far is 812.. but it reset so i made it run at 792.

How many volts can i put in it before it blows??

I do not know what im doing but i dont care if i blow my p3 caus its a stupid slow piece of ****.

Please help me im very stupid.

thanx guys:mad:
Sounds like your on the right track. Intel processors have all had locked multipliers since the old 233s. The system frequency is all you can manipulate to overclock intel chips. Before you go much further tell us about your system. What kind of ram, cooling ect. Almost forgot; welcome to Overclockers.com.

I wouldn't go any higher than 1.85V on that processor unless you have good cooling. Even then, I'd say 1.95V or 2V is the absolute limit. AND INTEL MULTIPLIERS ARE LOCKED.

You'll want to keep an eye on your temperatures. Make sure they never exceed 50C, and try to keep them below 45C.

Some good programs to have for temp monitoring, burn-in, or overclocking in general are Motherboard Manager 5 (MBM5), SiSoft Sandra, Toast, and Prime 95. You can check to see if some of these are available at downloads.com (I know Sandra is available there), and aoafiles.com also has some good CPU programs (and other nice, interesting stuff, as well).
Thanx guys that was great help.

Isnt there a way like scribbling out a few lcharacters on the chip or somethin like what ive heard you can do with AMD's?????

i dont have any extra fans and ive only got 128 ram but are gettin a 256 chip to add tomorrow..

So what do ya reckon the best settings would be???

Does it make a difference how much RAM u have?
Thanx for welcoming me guys and please help some more
heyyyy.... just remembered i got an old pentium lying around soewhere .....could i use the fan from that or is it too old???????

If u can use it.......How the helll are u supposed to have two fans for the same processor???
As you're learning, there are better CPUs to overclock than the P-III 733. Before you try to overclock any farther or try to raise voltage any more, you'll need better coooling. You'll need to invest in a better CPU cooler (heatsink and fan) and install it using a good thermal paste like Arctic Silver. If that extra fan you have is a small little 40mm fan (a little more than 1-1/2 inches across), I'd use it to install onto your motherboard's northbridge heatsink (if it doesn't already have a fan). Adding a couple extra 80mm case fans will help too (one in front for intake and one in back for exhaust).
Yeah... chances are, that fan from a Pentium was not made to deal with heat from a PIII-733. Is your processor a slot processor or a socket processor? If it's a socket... and you're looking for better cooling... see my thread in they Cyber Deals section about Millennium Glaciator I's for $17.50... that's a great price on a cooler that will keep your PIII plenty cool.

No, there is NO way to unlock an Intel multiplier. Intel doesn't have exposed bridges like AMD, and thus there is nothing to cross.

Generally, amount of ram has no bearing on an overclock... but number of sticks can. The more sticks of ram you have, the more sticks your memory controller has to address... and that can limit your overclock... though it would be much more likely that your ram wouldn't like the high FSB first.
i am very confused:rolleyes: ....

This overclocking thing sounds like a lot of hard work and money, is it really worth it????

I mean wouldnt it be cheeper just to go
wack in a new processor???

where do u connect the fans to power and where do u place them??

What the hell is a heat sink???

im imagining the heatsink being a big cooler bag filled with ice flopped over the processor... LOL

That would be going a bit over the top if it was.

one last q.... Can i put an amd on my motherboard ???.. im thinkin of gettin a xp 1700 caus its good value.
A heatsink is a big metallic thing you put on your processor (usually with a fan attached on processors PII generation and up) to conduct heat AWAY from the core of your processor. The best ones are copper. Some are better than others (don't ask me how the better ones are designed and how they can be superior to inferior ones because my knowledge of the Physics of heat conduction through metal are somewhat limited).

No, it isn't cheaper to pop in a new processor. Processors cost money, and going into your BIOS and changing the FSB is free. Even if you have to buy a new cooler it is still cheaper than a new processor.

You need to look for three pins sticking up on your motherboard, with a plastic thing in back of them... and a label on the motherboard near it with a label containing the word FAN (like CPU FAN or CHASSIS FAN or something like that). That's where you plug in the fan.

No AMD processor will work in your motherboard. You need a motherboard designed for AMD processors for that to work. It is only possible in motherboards designed for Pentium I's and lower. Anything PII and up is designed specifically for Intel or AMD.

If you haven't already read this, the Overclockers.com Beginner's Guide Section has some good stuff to know about how to overclock, and other helpful hints about your computer in general. One article I think is definitely worth a look is this one , which was written by one of our Forum Senior Members, Batboy. It is a very thorough article that gives you the do’s and don’ts of overclocking. Likewise, you might find the CPU Database of some help in determining what others have been able to safely overclock your processor to.
Does what brand of ram really make a dif
to how good it is. I mean is there anythin wrong with generic ram compared to hyundai???????????????/

Could u please reply fast caus im going to get ram in 30 mins
Sorry... been busy... don't think I made your deadline... but I've heard of both brands. It has more to do with the modules... I think Hyundai would be better of the two... though Infineon modules are the best. You'd probably get a better answer to that question over in the memory forums as I really don't know much about module types or which PCBs (the thing the modules are mounted on) are best and whatnot. I know Crucial, Micron, and Mushkin are some of the best brands, though....