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Tualatin or Coppermine?? Need Help?

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Mar 11, 2002
I see advertisments for p3 Tualaltin or p3 coppermines. I have an Abit VP6 Dual I would like to set up but can either of these p3s run on a dual mobo or does it have to be a Tualatin only?
you need two pentium 3 coppermine chips. Tualatins will not work in your board. Celerons will not run in a dual processor mode.

However, that is one sexy board, get a couple of p3 700-1000MHz/133 chips, two identical hard disks (for RAID 0) and windows 2000 running in SMP mode and you will have a very powerful, stable machine. make sure you have a good power supply though, like 350 watts or so...

Im jealous as hell! :burn:
Thanks for your info. Will take your advice on the p3 1gigs. Been o/cing amds for a long time now but wanted to try intels just for different flavor. Has been real confusing with this mobo on what chips will run in this dual board. thanks again.
Shifty is right on. To run the Tualatin CPUs, you need a board that will support the Tualatins. The VP6 does not. You have to go with the Coppermine P-III's for dual procs on that mobo.
The word I'm getting is that intel has discontinued the p3s and the p4 will substitute. Vendors are having a hard time keeping stock of the p3. p2 celeron will still be manufactured which does'nt make sense. Any truth to this? Again I'm coming from the amd world and have not been keeping up with intel info. By the way thanks again to everyone for responding. I'm currently looking for the best deal on the p3. These pups can be a little expensive.
no that is incorrect the PIIs are pretty rare...the PIII tualatins and Celeron Tualatins are sparse but MUCH more common than PIIs......