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Tualatin users on Windows 98/Me: high CPU usage?

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Feb 16, 2002
Please, if you can make me the favour of running System Monitor without running any application and check if you get high CPU utilization...

System Monitor is a Windows application, maybe you don´t have it installed... but you can install it from control panel-Add new programs-Windows installation-System Tools-System Monitor
(I have translated from Spanish, so perhaps you find slightly different names for these categories.)

I have tried 2 different mobos (MSI 815 EPT Pro and ASUS TUSL2-C) with the same result:
very high CPU usage and curiously, when I move the mouse, the CPU usage drops to zero.
someone said in this board that Tualatins have too high idle temperatures compared with Coppermine?? perhaps this is related?
I have 43 Celsius idle, and 45 Celsius high load. At 133 Mhz.
with std voltage and slow fan.

tell me, please, I have tried W98 and W me, and no luck.

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Senior Member
Oct 5, 2001
Ottawa, Canada
Well, Win9x are always having the high CPU Usage. It might be something running the background hidden as well, maybe by Windows.

Where did you get that the Coppermine run cooler at idle than the Tualatins? It's because idle doesn't really matter, it depends on the airflow of your case.


ol' man

Aug 23, 2001
I don't run win98. Maybe you should try win2k:D

Anyway yeah the tualatins do not utilize the idle function for some reason.

You should give much more about you system specs.


Feb 16, 2002
I don´t have win2k.

Idle "function"?
is this necessary in order to get correct readings in System Monitor?
>>You should give much more about you system specs.<<
I don´t understand this...

My old PC (Pentium) ran win98 and CPU utilization was correctly
shown in System Monitor. But, of course, this Pentium didn´t have ACPI.