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Tuit. (Formally "to it".)

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
We are still chasing down 4 teams to include Nvidia. We are still being chased by Element AI. They have one user earning about 75k ppd or a CPUs worth of points. The other active team member is earning more than us as a whole. Good on them! Our graph is sharply going up which is very good. We've got 39 active folders too so lets keep that trend going up and up.

If you were folding, lets get back tuit. If you haven't folded, get tuit. Fold and fold on.

Top 20 are earning 200k ppd.
Top 13 are earning 1 million ppd.
Top 5 are earning 10 million ppd.
Top 3 are earning 20 million ppd.
Top 2 are earning 30 million ppd.

Let's go guys. Evenings are getting cool with days still being warm. If you held off on routine maintenance for the folding season, this is the time. Get tuit.

AfterShock has earned his first 10 million! WOOT!
darkpyro1 has earned 4 million.

You earn it, we like it. (Is that a thing?) Let's do it boys (and/or girls). Now is the time for all lazy foxes to do the work of a dozen clams. (It's been a while since I took a typing class but I think that's a thing.)

Long holiday weekend in the USA. A drinking holiday. DO NOT drink and drive. DO NOT!!!!! Be safe. Be responsible. Death don't care who you are or what you did. Let's cheat death another day by being thoughtful around others. Drive sober and watch out. Don't drink and boat either. While I don't like boats many do and many water craft operators die on the beaches near and around my home. Don't be THAT guy.

OK, enough safety rant.

Truly appreciate you guys. Everything that you bring to the team and to the discovery of health science. Let's help beat cancer and other stuff and lets talk trash while doing it. It can be enough that we are doing good things but lets try to have some fun doing it too.

With all of that said, lets talk about it below starting...... ...... ... NOW!