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turn notebook into desktop

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Aug 17, 2002
I have an older Sony Vaio with 2GB memory and 1.73ghz pentium M. I'm needing a home computer and since that one is just sitting there, screen was damaged a couple years ago, I figured I'd convert it. Plug a monitor, keyboard, and mouse into it and use it as a desktop using Windows 7 or Ubuntu.

Is there a way to make it run with the lid closed? Do I need a docking station? I'm also currently on an Asus laptop with core 2 duo 2ghz, 4gb, and 512mb gfx card that I might try the same thing with as it's on it's last legs. However if I go that route I have to buy a new laptop. Maybe I should just look into tougher laptops lol. Anyway how do I turn one into a "desktop" style where I can just leave the lid closed and let it sit on the desk?


Special Member
Jul 5, 2008
Some laptops have a switch near the hinge of the screen and keyboard where when it's pressed (by closing the lid) will cause it to go to sleep, hibernate and turn off the LCD screen.

So, if you see one, usually it is a rubber thingy sticking out, cut it so that the lcd doesn't press it.


Jun 4, 2003
Under your desk stealing your fans
If you open the power settings in windows 7 it should have the same prompts as vista and XP and there should be a drop down that asks what to do when the lid is closed. Just change the option to nothing.