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Turning off a computer remotely ?

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if you're talking about windows boxes, vnc will let you get a remote desktop and let you shutdown the box. also there is a tool called shutgui that will let you shutdown/reboot windows boxes.
if you have winXP i know that you can remotley connect to it and shut it down/restart. it's kinda fun to do.

but dont try to release and renew the IP... i tried that once and well... i was amazed by my own stupidity.

Digital Pimp said:
but dont try to release and renew the IP... i tried that once and well... i was amazed by my own stupidity.


I did that once. Had visions of sitting on a tree limb with a saw. duh.

I think I have Shutgui somewhere, I usually use VNC.
if you use windows XP and bring up the Task manager you can shut it down that way but you can not shutdown the comp via the start menu. If you use VNC you can get it to shutdown via the start menu. basically you will need some sort of Remote Control software the the computer you want to shutdown.
Here is a program from the NT admin kit, (free to DL from MS at one time) should work for XP?
Looks like i am a little late for this but will chip in any way.
I use the XP remote desktop and to shutdown or restart a computer I am connected to I create these shortcuts on the remote pcs desktop:

Shutdown - C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 00

Restart - C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00
if you fire up MMC (microsoft management console), and snap-in the computer management, then you can shut it down by:

a) connect to forign machine (must know username/password of someone with permission), by right-clicking "Computer Management (Local)" and selecting "connect to another computer".
b) right click "Computer Management (Forign Machine)" properties.
c) Advanced
d) Startup & Recovery
e) Shutdown button
f) choose what you want to do: Log off user, Shut down, Restart, Powerdown, and you can force apps to close.
on 2000 or XP:

start -> run -> mmc
start -> settings -> control panel -> administrative tools (XP-in classic view) -> computer management
start -> programs -> administrative tools -> computer management
(to get this one, right click on your taskbar/properties/advanced, and check the box beside "display administrative tools")