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Tusl2c Original Criples... No pIII

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Hy guys... Since I killed my last mobo I replaced her with a Tusl2c (to still use my old stuff togheter, as i couldn´t find a ST6...) And in Asus site it says it doesn´t suport pIII Tualatin becouse those are intended to "server level boards" :-( I wonder if someone tryed a pIII on her.... Or if that special bios that fixes agp4x after 14x... fsb changes something on this... Or maybe it just works... Not that I intend to buy a pIII T soon $$$.... Have just bought a new 17 monitor and Board...... Haaa, if someone have the link for that bios I´d apreciate it... Will seek her... Thanks Guys...!:p
I run a 1266 P3-S (the Tualatin w/ 512KB L2 cache) in a TUSL2-C w/o any problems. Can't help ya on the BIOS...I'm not OCing at the moment so I dunno about the AGP 4x issue (I'm using the 1012 bios from Asus).
Hmmmm Mine came with the 1011 Bios... I´ve listened that it alows more voltage options than 1012... Dunno... But I´m having a hard time with it to recognize my cd recorder LG in the second IDE Channel ...:-( AAAAArgh

Man, put a fan on that chipset cooler and glue a litle heatsink on the pll chip of the mobo and cranck that bus to 160 and make that thing fly!!! That´s what´s those big capacitors for...!
Here's a link to where that hacked bios is. Run that in my TUSLC
Site is all in french, but it is easy to find the file.
You need to either get thier bios, or the 1012 one from ASUS.
I think they fix more issues than they mention in the FAQ.

Hmmm, Johan, could you please make a test with your pII from 133 to 150 fsb and check if the agp4x is still enabled inside windows/bios...? I think it wont be any difficult going there for you... No need for extracooling, it would go only to 1430mhz, not much more heat from 1266. So we would know if the 1012 fixes that problem.... :)