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SOLVED TV out for video cards ,what do you recommend???

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I have a voodoo 3 with tv out , i guess it uses S-Video to hook up to a TV.
I heard G-force cards are the best right now , is this true. Also i am thinking about buying a panasonic TV with s-video output that has 600 lines of res , what does this mean for TV-out and computers??
Do i have to hook up the monitor as well when using tv-out ?
what are you going to use the card for? if you're using it for TV mainly, buy the GF2 MX with dualhead. if you play games alot, buy a GTS or ultra if you can afford one. if you really have alot if $ around, buy a GF3.

the panasonic tv you are looking at can display 800x600, which is the standard anologue TV resolution.

you can hook up the TV only when using TV-out. not all cards allow you to use the TV and the monitor at once.
I want to mainly use it for 2d games running about 640*480 res , will i have the same quality as the monitor?
no. TVs are nowhere near as sharp and precise as monitors. i have to squint out make out any text at all.

you should keep your monitor plugged in if you can.
Even if you have a rear-projection TV you'll only be seeing a filtered 800 x 600. And if you're using S-Video to send videot to an HDTV you'll never get a resolution better than 1024 x 768.
Not that playing on a 60 inch TV is even comparable to playing on a 17 inch monitor but atleast now you won'y have extreme expectations :)

The only option (albeit a ridiculously exspensive one) it to buy a projector that supports monitor input so you could play any monitor resolution on the wall of your rumpus room. I've wanted to do that for years.
same here... watching movies on a 4 metre screen at home would be nice
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