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TV tuners . . . . Voodootv 200?

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sfa ok

Senior Member
Mar 7, 2001
I'd really like a TV tuner, but to my knowledge the actual tuning component puts out some heat, bringing me to the VoodooTV 200, which has a silicon tuner. Does anyone have suggestions on the Voodoo, or any other tuner for that matter? I'd like good-quality MPEG capture. Also, does anyone know of a place that carries the VoodooTV 200 (not 100!) for a decent price? Thanks.
Tom's Hardware has a whole article dedicated to TV Cards. Personally, the Hauppauge looks the nicest to me but I'm sure that everyone can find their own card - the feature table is by far the most important. It should be easy to find (digital video, TV Tuner I think)
www.tomshardware.com (el duh),
good luck

I've got a Voodoo 3 3500 video card with TV tuner built in, works great and saves a PCI slot and another IRQ. Too bad Voodoo's not around anymore.

Anyway , unless you're into FPS and gaming I'd recommend a combination card.

You should get a Hauppauge card. The model 401 is probably the best bang for the buck.
Hauppauge cards

Then go to the audio/visual forum over at the arstechnica forums and do a search on "video capture" then "wintv", "TV tuner" and "hauppauge"

see here

What not to get? Anything with the words "all in wonder" in it's name, Anything from ATI, Any combination TV tuner and video card, Any card that only works with their own proprietery software, and any card that doesn't have good driver support.
All I know about TV tuners is that I had a ATi TV Wonder (not VE, the good one, cost about $80 at CompUSA). When I had a Diamond Stealth3 S540 it worked fine. Switched my primary video card to a GeForce 2 MX and it locks up. Anyone know of a fix for this? If there isn't one, I'd say give the VoodooTV or the Hauppage a try. My guess is it's a driver conflict.