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Tweak guide for 3dmark!!!

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Mar 2, 2002
hi dudes .....
has I promised, this is my tweak guide for your gfx card and windows to run 3dmark and get a litle bit more marks ;) LOL
Let's start by doing a clean instal of OS...after instal the OS (I use WINXP , I Install Motherboard Drivers Install Videocard drivers
Install DirectX 8 (or 8.1) Install 3DMark2001 and those tweaks (riva tuner, geforce tweak utility)
Set your desktop res to 1024x768-32bit at 60Hz, get as many icons off the desktop as possible, display icons with as few colours as possible and remove your wall paper.
I disable ALL NON ESSENTIAL SERVICES! Win2k/XP has a lot of crap running in the background.
Go to system properties and turn off all animation , set max performence--winxP
Delete all uneccessary icons from your desktop such as WinMedia Player or MSN.
Go to System Properties/File System: set the typical role to Network Server. Turn off “Search for floppy….”. Turn off System Restore . Set the virtual memory manually to 512MB (if you have 256MB of RAM) in both max and min field.

I use rivatuner as my primary tweak ...and I use Geforce tweak utility for enable fastwrites in the Fastwrites Strap...About the side band...I cannot run above 150 fsb w sideband turned on :(
Now in the rivatuner:
Depth Buffering: turn off W-Buffer
V-Sync: off; Prerender: 3.
Textures: turn off 8-bit palettized textures (restart needed)
Turn off any sort of Anti-Aliasing
And for lod bias settings...
Go into the power user section and set the LODBias Range to 15. Then go into the DirectX tweak section and use these for benches:
Car Chase - 10.0
Dragothic - 12.0
Lobby - 4.0
Nature - 3.1

Now in bios set the max stable fsb and max performance setting on the ram...Cas2 4 way 1t etc etc

Disconnect anything and everything possible. I run tests with an HDD and vid card on my mobo...I disconnect my floppy, CD-ROM, and/or any other periphials...

I my case, the winxp is more stable and faster :D :D
Enjoy my tweak's....

Any advise is welcome
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Now.....u can put where your score, before and after the guide to see if it actualy works ;)
One more thing......This tweak was a friend of mine that said, but I dont use, soo I cant help you on this one :p
Memory management:
HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/Memory Management: set DisableExecutivePaging = 1, LargeSystemCache = 1, IOPageLockLimit = 16384 (use decimal), SecondLevelDataCache = 256 (or your L2 cache size, use decimal)