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tweaking ti 4600

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Feb 26, 2002

just got my gainward ti 4600 card ,can i use nvidia tweaking tool utilitie to o/c it or should i go with powerstrip?

thanks in advance


Moderator #666
Nov 13, 2001
I use 2 different "Tweeking" tools for my vid card. I installed them into 2 different folders.
I only use 1 at a time.

Try them both. Figure out which 1 you like best and get rid of / don't use the other. :D



Mar 18, 2002
CyberFed said:
overclocking a geforce 4 ?! what in gods name are you running that you could possibly need to o/c it for?? are you running q3 at like 9000x9000 resolution!?
hey once you o/c it though post some benchmarks i'de love to see the numbers on that sweet peice of hardware

i have a geforce4 that i have yet to overclock...as for the reason, "because i can"...although, extra fps, would be another reason...i'm thinking 325/750-775...hope i have enough cooling for this :p

edit : by the way, i don't know about the gainward card, but the visiontek card comes with it's on overclocking software...have you check that???