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Twice the money, twice the preformance?

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Nov 3, 2002
I've been thinking of upgrading my memory. Should I buy 256MB 2700 or 256MB 2100? I use my rig mostley for gaming and memory is what's bottlenecking it. What should I do? I have a small budget. One last thing, does anyone now what the fastest RAM the AK35GT/2 can take? Thanks.:)
i'd go with 2100 myself, because then you'd be able to use the 128mb that you already have. 2100 won't really slow you down, and you'll probably be able to overclock it past pc2700 speeds. Right now my PNY pc2100 from CompUsa is running at speeds higher than pc3200, almost to pc3500 speeds!
Secondly, that geforce2 may be the bottleneck of your system if you use it for games. Just moving to a geforce 3 ti could probably do wonders, for not too much money.

Well.....uh......about the screenshots....... I guess I just couldn't stop pushing the memory.....and then my hard drive corrupted. The fsb was 146, with a 4/6 divider on the memory. I'll try to o/c it back up there again and get some screenies.
146 fsb is not anwhere near 3500 speed. thats not even close to 2700 speed. 2700 is rated at 166. 3200 is rated at 200fsb. i think there was an error somewhere in your rating system. unless you want to overclock, just get 2100. its not worth it to buy 2700 if you are going to be running it at the stock speed.
I don't doubt that he is hitting 3500 speeds with it because PNY has been selling true Samsung PC2700 as 2100 ram as of late if you decide to go with the PNY just look and make sure that the Chips say Samsung and that the last part of the model number says B3.
Is all the samsung ram like that? A few weeks ago at best buy I saw 256 mb of 2100 PNY ram for like 40 bucks I think. Do you think that if it is samsungs it can hit pc2700 cas 2?
Running two sticks of Samsung PC2700 right now at 166 fastest timings one from a PNY 2100 package and one from Newegg can't tell the two apart but you will be hard pressed to find 256mb of DDR for 40 bucks and if you do let me know because I'll be making a trip to go buy some.