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Two computers one modem

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Jan 16, 2001
Rosemount, MN
Ok I have an external 56k modem. Its a Elsa microlink (serial port type). Is it possible to use it for two computers. I'm not worried about running at the same time. I'm wondering if a serial cable splitter exists and if I could hook up two pcs to the modem without conflict.

just so i dont have to unplug and replug the modem.
I found this , you would have to use gender changers but should be what you are looking for.

Not sure if it will work, but should do aslong as you don't try and use it from both machines at the same time.

Why not connect both machines using NIC's and then share the connection ?
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RED Hot Machine said:
Why not connect both machines using NIC's and then share the connection ?

hmmm. If I had network cards then it might work. I've done it with two windows machines on a dsl but I've never done it with a linux machine and a windows machine on a 56k.

ok so if i did this it would go like this.

modem hooked up to windows 2k machine.
crossover cable between both lan cards
a program on the windows box that lets konqueror access port 8010 or whatever it is to access the internet.

sound about right?
That about somes it up. I would use a proxy server on the 2k machine.

I've used a windows proxy server with linux before and had no problems.
Good luck.

The bonus with NIC's is if your network grows then you could get a hub at a later date.

Let us know How you get on