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Two Factor Authentication: PIA

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Señor Senior Member
May 17, 2005
High Desert, Calif.
Two Factor Authentication(2FA) is being shoved down my throat, and likely there's nothing I can do about it. IIRC Newegg was the first site in my bookmarks to demand 2FA; since then Google now requires it, I believe my healthcare provider's site does as well. Strangely, my bank is fine with a regular login, although a security question has to be answered, but I've been doing that for years. Logging onto a site requiring 2FA requires that I hunt down my fn cell phone and click "OK"....PIA! I guess I need to hug my cell phone now like some 14 yr. old. :rolleyes: I know this is all in the name of enhanced security, but really- if someone has pwn'd you and gotten your log in passwords you're probably pwn'd all across the board!
FWIW we recently got 2FA at work. The evidence is there that it will stop the majority of attacks, according to our IT/cybersecurity people.

There are non-phone alternatives out there, such as these key fobs that generate random codes, but that's only useful if most systems you access use the same log in details/accounts - like for work - but less helpful for multiple different sites.
I turn on 2FA across the board. Especially for my main email account and anything that has used my payment info.

Annoying yes, but one less thing to worry about (hopefully, as long as nobody does a SIM attack). There's so many cyber attacks on sites and everything these days that I don't trust anywhere to be safe

Yeah... I have 2FA on most things that can. Not a huge deal to me in the name of security.

I dont have a land line (havent for over a decade now)... so my cellphone is with me 99% of the time be it in my pocket or desk/table.