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Two Fair 24/7 dedicated Folding Rigs coming very soon to team: 32

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Nov 11, 2001
Sunnyvale, Cali, Silicon Valley
I have 2 old systems in the works for dedicated 24/7 [email protected]! These two PCs will be on all the time because I don't care for them as much as my 2 precious Athlon XP super mega rigs that only Fold when I'm using them.

My Old spare Rig #1:

Main Processor and Mobo: An original Intel (no L2 cache) Celeron 300Mhz now @ 338Mhz (4.5X 75Mhz FSB) Slot 1 CPU w/ an adaquate HSF on a Rise baby-AT and Micro ATX Mobo with intel's old EX 66Mhz FSB chipset.

RAM: 2 32MB sticks of unknown PC66 SDRAM (64MB total)

Graphics Card: An old Real3D Starfighter PCI w/ intel 3d chip w/ 8MB Framebuffer and 24MB of onboard texture memory.:D

NIC: D-Link 10/100Base-TX PCI Fast Ethernet card

Drives: An old but still perfectly working WD Caviar 1.6GB FAT16
HDD. An old Lite-On 24X CD-ROM drive. One 3.5" Floppy drive of course.

Case and PS: An old beat up baby-AT case w/ 250W AT P8, P9 PS.

The O/S: Windows 98SE w/ all old and new security updates patches dled and [email protected] Windows Client Version 2.19 to be installed very soon.

I have a spare AT keyboard and a good PS/2 mouse to use with this system, but I have no spare CRT monitors laying around.

Spare Folding Rig# 2:

Main Processor and Mobo: An Unlocked Athlon T-Bird 900Mhz w/ 200Mhz FSB ocable to 1200Mhz or maybe higher at max V-Core settings and a good old FIC AZ11E VIA KT-133 Socket A mobo w/ great OCing features VIA dip-switches.:D

HSF: A Modified Antec Jet-Cool Priemium w/ a 60mm 7000RPM Cooler Master fan blowing hot air out, not sucking air in.

RAM: A 256MB stick of Corsair PC133 SDRAM CAS: 2-2-2

Graphics Card: I still need to buy a cheapo 4X AGP video card for this rig (Coming Soon).

NIC: Still need to buy one for this rig.

Drives: A Maxtor 4.3GB FAT32 5400RPM E-IDE HDD. A spare 32X CD-ROM drive and a 3.5" Floppy drive of course.

Case and PS: I Still need to buy both!:( Getting a good quality mini-ATX case with a good quality 300W PS soon.

The O/S: MS Windows XP Home w/ all security patches and updates already installed and activated on the Maxtor HDD listed above.

I have a spare PS/2 keyboard and a scroll mouse for this rig, but no spare CRT monitors laying around.

What do you guys think of these folding setups???


Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
Looks nice :)

Should boost the stats a wee bit.
I should be getting a Duron 650 system up over the next few weeks.

Jeff Bolton

Sep 15, 2001
Middle Peninsula Virginia
sounds good, but why don't you leave your other rigs folding 24/7? we could really use the extra WU's...and besides, if you are afraid of your computer crashing while you aren't there due to folding, you'll know the OC isn't very stable anyways :) but i'm sure you have your reasons,lol



Senior Member
Jun 16, 2001
nice.. the Celly should pump out a WU or two every week while the Athy will pump out a LOT of WUs....like 5-10 a week (depending on which ones you get).....also newegg has a couple midtowers in the 40-50$ range they seemed pretty nice.....


Nov 11, 2001
Sunnyvale, Cali, Silicon Valley
Thanks for the input guys! I got my old Celeron system up and running today since it was a complete system. I just needed to put it all back together again and install Windows 98SE, all the H/W device drivers, download all the Windows Updates from MS to keep the system a little more safe from internet threats, and finally I installed and setup the [email protected] Windows Client V2.19. It is Folding some kind of protienA right now and it has completed 2/100 Frames so far. Not bad for an orignal Celeron so far aye?:D

My planned Athlon T-bird dedicated folding rig will take a little longer to get up and running since it is an incomplete system that needs a few nonexpensive parts listed above. I will be getting all the things that I need this week coming up from CompUSA.

Stay tuned!