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Two questions

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Jun 20, 2001
First off, what is lapping? Second, i have a Volcano 2 HSF with the thermal pad. Is it worth putting the Arctic Silver 2 on there, how much of a difference will i see?
Lapping is using Finer and finer grits of sandpaper to smooth out the surface of your hsf. Thermal pads aren't great so you should see a pretty large performance gain by using AS2 probably in the neighborhood of 5C over a thermal pad, maybe more.
william forgot to mention one important thing... take off the thermal pad first........ if you leave it on and put AS2 on, you wont see an improvement , and may see an increase in cpu temp.... i lapped my pal6035, and saw a 5C decrease... start off with like 300, then 500, then 800, and if you are really looking for max performance, go to 1500, then buffing compound...

Remove the thermal pad, first and foremost. You can't lap the heatsink without removing it first. The first setup that I lapped and replaced the thermal pad (put a generic thermal grease on instead) I saw a 10C drop in my temps. Hope this helps.