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Two week update.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
I missed the update last week on veteran's day. To all our vets, thank you for your time and dedication. All branches and all nations (not against the US) and even our friend @caddi daddi who served in an unusual way. Thank you.

At the present ratings, we are set to go up a spot and drop down a spot at nearly the same time. Meaning that we will either go to #9 then back to #10 or go to #11 and back to #10. If you look at the trending lines for us (going way up) and Element AI (going way down) we will be the #9 team for a bit before going back to #10. For ease of conversation, we are going to remain the #10 team in the world for a bit. Yeah TEAM!

Top 23 are earning 1 million ppd+
Top 6 are earning 10 million ppd+
Top 3 are earning 30 million ppd+
Top 2 are earning 40 million ppd+

JH just earned 200 million.
petteyg359 just earned 200 million.

If you just earned a milestone and I missed it, congratulations!

We do have a new teammate of ydkmlt84. Welcome and thank you.

We are dropping in the number of active folders. 45 active teammates and yet we are still #10 in the world while also not being sponsered by a large corp.

OK. That's all I got. I gotta run. Be safe, be friendly and keep folding.
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Senior Golfer
Feb 25, 2004
Congrats on the "Stones mates...WTF

For myself , I think I'll just squeeze out my 2nd goal for the year....Get in the top 100 and page 1 on the EOC. So many coming up on me that it may or may not happen by the end of the year. :unsure:

Getting a 4000 series is going to be a bigger more expensive deal than the 3000's

I am kicking myself for not getting a 3090 Ti when they were around $1K