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Tyan 2460 and OCing

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Oct 17, 2001
Durand MI
I just ordered a Tyan 2460 for a second dually setup and I am gonna run 1600+ in it. Is there any OCing that can be done on this board? I dont want to get crazy but taking them to 1900+ would be good. Thanks
If its anything like the 2466 board, which from what Ive heard it is overall. Not gonna happen. Just no good for supporting it.
Beyond the fact it has NO options in the bios really. Mine had some very very minor options, but not many at all.
I would presume, that, being the older sister, would have even less.
The 2460 will have nearly all the options of the 2466 with the addition of a hardware monitor, which was removed from the 2466. Even so, there will be no BIOS overclocking options whatsoever, or settings to run anything out of spec.

When I said: "nearly all the options," that means all 3 or 4 of them :)

On the upside, if you use the memory tweaks right here, you can greatly improve your memory performance.
Yes, you can do bridge modding.

I believe CPUFSB works on that board, too. I have seen a lot of posts about it, here and there.
yes, cpufsb works with a tyan board. I was only able to get 144fsb on my s2460, with the same ram i have at 150fsb on my msi k7d master.